The Employee Experience Report

For years, we've been told, “customer experience is king.” But if the challenges of 2020 have had one positive outcome, it’s been to finally crack that perspective wide open. The importance of the employee experience and its ties to customer loyalty, business growth, and longevity are no longer theoretical—they’re mission-critical. Our people understand their worth, and they’re asking for more: more opportunities, more growth, and more trust. They’re showing us they’re no longer satisfied to work for an organization that performs well and provides good pay. They’re asking for more than free lunches, perks, and fun offsites. They’re asking to be seen as the true contributors they are.

Delivering a quality employee experience means empowering your people, aligning your motivations, and creating shared values. Our first-ever employee experience report asked 300 HR decision makers their perspective on employee experience, and how they’re responding to and managing the employee experience era.