Reduce Turnover 30% With The Definitive Guide to Onboarding

Hiring a new employee is expensive and time-consuming. HR teams typically spend $4,000+ and take 36 days to fill a position. Yet 17% of those new hires leave in their first month.

Get actionable tips for improving new hire onboarding. Streamlining paperwork, facilitating personal connections, and more.

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What’s Inside

  • Basics. Onboarding vs. orientation. Can you offer just orientation? Implementation best practices. (Page 3)
  • Onboarding Types. Formal vs. as-you-go training. Virtual vs. in-person. Pros and cons of each. (Page 4)
  • Process. The 4 phases of employee onboarding. Increasing engagement even before their first day. (Page 7)
  • Communication. Ensuring new hires know who to contact, what to focus on, and more. (Page 8)
  • Training. Setting training schedules. Job-specific resources. Best practices for performance updates. (Page 11)
  • Analytics. 4 metrics to track. Identifying what works and doesn’t. Incorporating feedback. (Page 14)
  • Workflow Automation. Automating welcome emails, paperwork collection, new-hire surveys, and more. (Page 15)