Time Tracking: The Good, The Bad, & The Costly [Infographic]

HR professionals across industries rank time and attendance management as one of their top three productivity killers. And for good reason. It can be quite a process to gather employee timesheets, track down managers for approval, correct any time tracking errors, and organize everything for processing—all on a tight deadline for payroll.

Without an automated time tracking system, this process consumes valuable HR time and puts your organization at risk for inaccuracies and even time theft. While one timecard error might not seem like a huge problem, such mistakes can quickly add up to be costly payroll issues. For example, the American Payroll Association estimates that 40 percent of small businesses face an average of $845 each year in IRS penalties from mismanaged or inaccurate payroll.
What kinds of challenges does your organization face with time tracking? And how much money do those challenges cost? In this ebook, you will learn:

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