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Solutions for Financial Leaders

BambooHR® is award-winning, all-in-one HR software that helps keep your financial processes running smoothly.

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BambooHR relieves some critical financial leader concerns.

Financial leaders see business decisions through a different lens. You don’t just consider the price tag—you consider the return you’ll earn on your costs over time and analyze any hidden expenses that could come up.

BambooHR recognizes the difference between a quick win and a solid financial position—both in how we do business and in how we help you do business. Increasing your organization’s efficiency in performing people-related tasks adds up to a significant long-term ROI. These kinds of tasks include:

  • Recruiting, hiring, and onboarding

  • Running payroll

  • Implementing new programs and training employees on new systems

  • Ensuring compliance with state, federal, and international regulations

  • Analyzing data on employee metrics for hiring, retention, and performance

Our HR software and TRAXPayroll<sup>®</sup> integration help streamline and automate these time-intensive tasks, freeing time that small and medium-sized businesses can use to invest in their future.

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Integrated, accurate payroll.

Financial executives understand the seemingly endless time sink of the payroll process. To ease this burden, BambooHR offers a world-class software integration with our own TRAXPayroll service.

  • Pay employees on time, every time with an easy three-step process.

  • Automatic data syncs save hours of double entry for faster, easier payroll and fewer errors.

  • TRAXPayroll files all federal, state, and local tax returns.

In addition to TRAXPayroll, BambooHR has strong integrations with all leading payroll providers, giving you additional flexibility when scheduling HR and payroll changes.

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Seamless, rapid-response implementation and support.

Changing to a new system always costs more than the sticker price—it takes time for employees to learn and adjust. BambooHR provides detailed support during implementation and best-in-class customer service for any new questions.

  • Our implementation program helps your employees become BambooHR experts in four to six weeks.

  • Ongoing customer training programs let employees master new features as quickly as we release them.

  • Our award-winning support team responds to questions in hours, not days.

  • No-contract subscriptions ensure we earn your trust before we earn your business.

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[BambooHR] is reliable. Everyone uses it.<br/>It’s a tool that really we can’t live without.

—Ben Brubaker, Head of People and Culture, Assure Services

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Consistent local and international compliance.

Modern regulations like the European Union’s GDPR initiative require sophisticated data protections for the personal data you collect from clients, job candidates, and employees. BambooHR meets these standards better than any spreadsheet strategy ever could.

  • Our centralized database keeps employment, benefit, and compensation data secure and accessible.

  • The BambooHR homepage includes a section for announcements and required notices.

  • Electronic signatures remove the need for scanning or double-entry to record employee consent or acknowledgement.

  • Employee self-service lets employees keep appropriate personal details accurate without giving them access to sensitive information.

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Quick, insightful reporting.

Measurement is necessary for improvement. BambooHR reports let you clarify your organization’s current state with a few clicks, rather than hours of compilation and analysis.

  • More than 30 detailed standard reports support your workforce planning, PTO usage, employee turnover, and much more.

  • Performance and engagement reports help measure the unseen human variables that translate into success.

  • Customizable reports let you connect the data you want to explore—including custom fields.

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