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Keynote Speakers
Featured speaker Stacey A. Gordon
Stacey A. Gordon
Founder & CEO, D&I Strategist
Featured speaker Amy Gallo
Amy Gallo
Author, Speaker, and Coach
Featured speaker Rich Fernandez
Rich Fernandez
CEO, Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute
Featured speaker Amanda Haddaway
Amanda Haddaway
Managing Director, HR Answerbox
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This is the world's largest virtual summit dedicated to uplifting the HR industry. With the help of industry experts, authors, thought leaders, executive coaches, and visionaries, we're giving over 30,000 attendees the tools they need to free themselves from transactional HR practice and do great work.

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HR virtual summit hosted by BambooHR speaker Kuba Kucharski

Kuba Kucharski

Developer Evangelist at Codility

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