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Featuring eight of the best sessions from the World's Largest HR Virtual Conference: Adam Grant, Liane Davey, Jose Velasco, Cassie Whitlock, Mike Metzger, Dean Pichee, Julie Jeannotte, and Robert St-Jacques

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Keynote Speakers
Featured speaker Adam Grant
Adam Grant
Organizational psychologist, Wharton professor, New York Times bestselling author.
Featured speaker Liane Davey
Liane Davey
Conflict Doctor and Author
Featured speaker Cassie Whitlock
Cassie Whitlock
Director of Human Resources at BambooHR
Featured speaker José Velasco
José Velasco
VP, Products and Innovation at SAP
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This is the world's largest virtual summit dedicated to uplifting the HR industry. With the help of industry experts, authors, thought leaders, executive coaches, and visionaries, we're giving over 30,000 attendees the tools they need to free themselves from transactional HR practice and do great work.

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HR virtual summit hosted by BambooHR speaker Dean Pichee

Dean Pichee

CEO, BizLibrary

HR virtual summit hosted by BambooHR speaker Julie Jeannotte

Julie Jeannotte

Culture & Engagement Expert, Officevibe

HR virtual summit hosted by BambooHR speaker Robert St-Jacques

Robert St-Jacques

Director, Customer Success, 7Geese

HR virtual summit hosted by BambooHR speaker Mike Metzger

Mike Metzger

CEO, PayScale, Inc

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