December 3-14, 2018

Employee Engagement

Employee LifeCycle- Recruiting/Onboarding/ Training

Strategic HR



Best Practices



Keynote: Ben Peterson — 3 Steps to More Influential HR

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Jon Wolske

Culture and Service - How to WOW in all directions

Kimberly Jones

Be a Talent Acquisition Superhero

Leela Srinivasan

EX meets CX: The Rising Partnership between HR and Marketing

Dana Brownlee

The Unwritten Rules of Managing Up: Surviving (and Thriving) the “Difficult Boss”

Bindu Lokre

Consciously Unbiased

Katrina Kibben

How to Write Better Job Descriptions

Dr. Tanvi Gautam

Narrative as a Powerful Tool for Digital Transformation

Toni Thompson

Culture Adds: Attracting the Best Talent with Your Employer Brand

Kevin Kruse

AI for Manager Training: Lessons Learned Building a Leadership Coach with IBM Watson

Dean Pichee

Changes, Challenges and Choices: The Future of Workplace Learning

Stephanie Angelo

Mastering Intentional Strategic Thinking Skills for Maximum Impact in Your Organization

Michael Bungay Stanier

The Five Real Reasons Managers Don't Coach

Sonya Sepahban

Workplace Diversity and Inclusion: Raise the Bar with a System Approach

Costa Michailidis

How Creative Problem Solvers Save the World

Jack Altman

Performance & Engagement. Better Together

Cassie Whitlock

Culture + Total Rewards = Winning EVP

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Keynote:  Adam Grant — How to Navigate a Culture of Diverse Thinkers

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Len Strazza & Andrew Norton

The Importance of Getting New Hires Ramped Up Quickly

Josh Tolan

How To Supercharge Your Hiring with Video Interviews

Keri Ohlrich

Be an HR Warrior

Dr. Susan O'Malley

Three Leadership Lessons from an Emergency Room Doctor

Kelly Charles-Collins

Out of Many, One Workforce: How Diversity & Inclusion Unlocks Innovation and Drives Market Growth

Lydia Frank

2018 Compensation Best Report Findings

Ryan Sanders

Caring for the Whole Employee

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Julie Ann Sullivan

Catalysts of Culture - Visionary Leaders Activating the Employee Experience

Aaron Huang

4 Tips to Scaling Employee Communication in the Modern Tech-Enabled Workforce

Leah Brown

Staying Power: How to Keep your Employees Longer

Tina Robinson

Technology is not the ONLY Solution: Bust the Myths about HR Technology that Keep HR Transactional, Disempowered, and Longing for Radical Transformation

Margaret Spence

We Need You to Lead Us: Radically Transforming Your Approach to Developing Women Leaders

Jason Shen

Using Case Studies and Take Home Projects to Reduce Bias in Hiring and Recruit Diverse High Performers

Stella Grizont

How to Master Difficult Conversations at Work

Amanda Haddaway

Your Employees Hate Your Performance Review: Here's What to Do About It

Julie Jeannotte

How to Build an HR Team People Actually Want to Come To

Keynote:  Julie Coucoules — The Evolution of Modern Recruiters

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Graden Hudson

Using Communication Apps to Engage Employees

Maisha Cannon

Strengthen Your Sourcing with 3 Simple Strategies

Amy Gallo

4 Steps to Decide How to Handle a Conflict

Lori Kleiman

Lets Talk Leadership: 5 Steps to Making an Impact

Stacey Gordon

Inclusionomics: The Cost of Unconscious Bias

Erica Pepe

I Usually Never Respond to These

Neil McKinnon

Embracing the (Virtual) Reality

Srinivas Rao

Designing Your Environments to Increase Your Productivity and Creativity

David Zinger

Engage the Moment: How You Can Make the Most of Moments at Work for Yourself and your Organization

Kuba Kucharski

Refactoring Tech Recruitment: Tips From an Engineering Leader

Liz Weber

Become the Strategic Business Partner Your Organization Needs!

Dawn Cacciotti

Strategic HR Leadership: Yielding Positive Business Results

Simone Morris

Don’t Ignore me: How to be All-Inclusive when Building Relationships

Tracy Stuckrath

Discrimination in the Workplace: What’s Food & Beverage Got to Do with It?

Jamison West

Nurturing Purpose Through Performance Development

Dan Schawbel

Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation

Keynote:  Julian Treasure - How to Create a Listening Organisation

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Dr. Erika Tierney Garms

Building Brain-Friendly Workplaces

Amy Berman

Achieve Your HR Goals and Grow Your Business By Leveraging AI, Text Message, and Live Chat

Liane Davey

The Good Fight: Productive Conflict in Day-to-Day Business

Dr. Marcia Reynolds

Building a Coaching Culture

James Lord & Rick Palaia

Transitioning Candidates to Employees: How to Maintain a Positive Experience

Robert St-Jacques

Uncovering the ROI of Your Performance Management Program

Keynote:  Jane Chen - Embrace Innovation, Embrace Your Purpose

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