April 19-25, 2020

US Pacific Time

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Inclusion & Belonging

Best Practices



8:00 PT


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8:30 PT

Keynote: Ryan Sanders — The Most Important Hours of your Workday

9:00 PT

Tina Robinson

Finding Your Sweet Spot: How Power, Passion, and Priorities Spark Engagement

Cassie Whitlock

Onboarding: Your Competitive Advantage

Sara Jones

How to Scale Diversity and Inclusion Training in a Global Company

Niki Ramirez

3 Things to Get Right in Your First HR Leadership Role

Bjørn Ekelund

Unleashing the Power of Diversity

Jeff Laliberte

The Democratization of Comp Data And What It Means For Talent Strategies

Chris Littlefield

Stop Complicating Employee Recognition: Here is How HR Can Make It Simple Again

Bob Glazer

Building a Healthy, High Performing Company Culture

9:30 PT

Jack Altman

How Real-Time Engagement Helps Build a Winning Company Culture

Katrina Collier

HR’s Impact On Talent Acquisition In A Transparent World

Liz Weber

Build Depth & Create a Succession Plan in 8 Steps!

Dave McKeown

The Self-Evolved Leader - Elevate Your Focus and Develop Your People in a World That Refuses to Slow Down

Torin Ellis

Dinosaurs Lions Diversity

Pip Penfold

Planning for HR Digital Transformation Success

Jason Buchanan

How to Improve Workplace Performance Without Blowing the HR Budget

Cornelia Gamlem

Workplace Respect in the Post #MeToo Era

10:00 PT

Keynote: Angela Duckworth — True Grit: The Surprising, and Inspiring, Science of Success

10:30 PT

Steven Chaparro

Co-Designing the Employee Experience

Manpreet Dhillon

Talent Attraction for a Diverse Workplace

Sarah McVanel

Hardwiring 'Recognition' into Your Strategic People Plan

Callum McKirdy

The HR Catalyst: The New Practice of Leading HR

Jason Finucan

6 Steps You Can Take Now to Improve Mental Health in Your Workplace

Ryan Sanders

The Most Important Hours of your Workday

Maxine Nwareni

How to Increase Company Performance by Helping Working Mothers Overcome Work-life Balance Struggles

Bretton Putter

Company Culture for Beginners

11:00 PT

Kursat Ozenc

Rituals For Better Workplaces

Josh Tolan

How to Go from Application to Offer in 7 Days

Erin Brothers

Strategic HR Matters

Tana Session

Leadership Requirements For Workforce 2020 & Beyond

Joanne Lockwood

Your Journey to Conscious inclusion

Dr. Erika Garms

Healing Work Hurts: The Cost of Not Fully Addressing Wounds

Bridgett McGowen

Bringing the Heat: Key Ingredients to Consistently Make Your Trainings Relevant and RedHot

James Jackson, III

Everyone Communicates Few Connect

11:30 PT

Keynote: Mike Zani — The Next Frontier of HR: Talent Optimization

12:00 PT

Eliakim Thorpe

Experience Required: Win the War for Talent by Creating an Employee-Centric Environment

Dean Pichee

2020 Mission Critical: Reskill Your Workforce

Kate Bischoff

Are Your Employees High?

Dana Brownlee

Managing Up: The Secret Weapon of Career Success

Jane Hatton

What Skills Shortages?

David Miklas

Employment Law – What will get you sued in 2020

Elizabeth Stewart

Ahead of the Curve: How to Drive Performance Management with Positive Employee Experience

Gary Ware & Jeffrey Harry

How to Deal With A-Holes At Work Through Play

12:30 PT

Gabrielle Bosché

Make Them Stop Quitting!



Brent Longnecker

2020: A New Evolution in Total Rewards

Liane Davey

Build a Healthy Conflict Culture





Chad Littlefield

3 Ways to Increase Retention through Relationships



1:30 PT

Keynote: Ashton Applewhite - This Chair Rocks: How Ageism Warps Our View of Long Life

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