HR Virtual Summit 2021
Employee LifeCycle
Strategic HR
Inclusion & Belonging
Best Practices
Virtual Environment Open for Exploration
Welcome Keynote: Brad Rencher — Humanity is the Heart of Business Health
Sarah Hunt and Steph Stern
Building Organizational Emotional Intelligence
Katrina Kibben
3 Ways To Make Your Job Posts More Inclusive
Annette Cardwell
How 2020’s New World of Work Is Shaping HR Teams
Brittany Cole
Resilient Leadership: Thriving Through Change
Dr. Mica McGriggs
Dismantling Racism at Work
Terri Varnell & Matt Hammer
HR Certification: Why Now?
Laura Mazzullo
Not everyone will see HR’s value. Don’t let one be YOU.
LeeAnn Renninger
Burnout Proofing Your Organization
Andrew Tarvin
Putting the Humor in HR: Using Emotions for Efficiency and Effectiveness at Work
Harley Blakeman
Hiring Candidates with Criminal Records
Dr. Shirley Davis
Strategies for How HR Professionals Can Reinvent Themselves in an Era of Disruption
Liz Weber
Strategically Driving Organizational Effectiveness through Change and Uncertainty
Jeff Harry & Teshone Jones
How To Not Be Racist At Work...By Accident
Linda Clark
Coachable Competence: The Pause Before the Pivot
Emily Meekins
Performance Management in a Remote World from Hiring to Day 1 and Beyond
Dethra U. Giles
The Employeepreneur
Gary Ware
Play for Innovation, Creativity and Joy in the Workplace
Tristan Layfield
Paranormal [Recruiting] Activity: Shifting Best Practices from Ghosting to Feedback
Adam Sheffield
Go Global but Act Local: HR Strategies to Keep You Successful Globally
Lawrence Henderson
Is it me or you? Yeah...You're right, it's you!
Lou Adler
Diversity Hiring by Design
Cassie Whitlock
Untapped Potential: Advancing from Best Practices to Strategic Principles
Bridgett McGowen
It's All in the Details: 19 Do's, Don'ts, and Best Practices for Presentation Pros
Galen Emanuele
Designing a Culture of High Performance, Engagement, & Retention
Keynote: Leslie Odom Jr - A Conversation with Leslie Odom Jr.
Jeffrey Shaw
Building Dreams: How to recruit, retain and inspire your dream employees
Summer Salomonsen
Setting a North Star: How a Pandemic Reminded Us What Learning is All About
Russ Wakelin
2020’s Compensation Currency: Real-time data
Dave McKeown
5 Questions to overcome Fear, Frustration, and Anxiety.
Garrison Gibbons
Avoiding the Back Burner: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Prioritization Amidst Protests and Pandemics
Kate Bischoff
Two Questions to Harassment-Free
Ben Hastings
Designing a Modern Performance Management Process That Works for Your Organization
Sarah McVanel
Recognition in a Virtual World: Fuel Trust, Connection & Resiliency Through Challenges & Change
Court Christopherson
Measure Employee Satisfaction to Make Meaningful Change
Celinda Farias Appleby
Build a case for data driven recruitment marketing
Bruce Marable
How to Transform your HR Data into HR Actions
Amy Leneker
Dare to Lead™ - Answer a Call to Courage
Dana Brownlee
8 Tactics For Courageous Workplace Conversations About Race
Christina Gialleli
How to build your data-driven online learning strategy
Jo Weech
Agile Performance Management
Ron Carucci
Building Organizations of Truth, Justice & Purpose
Keynote: Dania Shaheen — The Only People Strategy That Matters for Your Business Right Now
J.T. O'Donnell
6 Things Employers Should Teach Employees About Career Management in 2020
Andrea Ballard
Get Camera Ready: Virtual Interview Success
Sasha Robinson
The SMB playbook for building high-impact teams
Nihar Chhaya
How to Coach Any Senior Leader to Be More Effective in an Hour or Less
Stacey Gordon
Unbias(TM): Moving beyond talk
Catherine Mattice Zundel
5 Actionable Steps for Harassment Prevention (And Better Training!)
Chris Littlefield
Leading from Afar – The Pandemic Leadership Playbook
Chelsea Stonerock
A Million Little Moments - How To Influence Culture
Lindsay Boccardo
Every Generation Matters: Why Building Multi-Generational Teams is the Future of Work
Josh Tolan
Perfecting Your Virtual Hiring and Onboarding Playbook
Lori Kleiman
Stop waiting for your invitation: Drive growth and engage strategically today
Jackye Clayton
The Data Dilemma - What Data Reveals About Your Diversity Initiatives
Mona Patel
The Gray Zones: A life social experiment about race
Fadjanie Cadet
Ignite Your DE&I initiatives
Kelly Loudermilk
Transforming into a CHRO as a Department of One
Liane Davey
Change Has Changed: Supporting Talent in a World of Perpetual Change
Kristen Magni
The Neuroscience of Motivation: A brain based approach to human capital innovation

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