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5 Keys to Retain Top Talent

5 Keys to Retain Top Talent

A good start to improving the right kind of retention is to make sure you’re paying fairly and competitively to the market. In fact, research shows a link between fair and transparent pay practices, lower intent to leave, and overall greater job satisfaction.

  • How compensation impacts retention
  • The 3 truths about turnover
  • The 5 keys to retaining top employees
About the speakers
Ivan Hurtt

Ivan Hurtt is know as the guy to take on your hardest problems. As a result, has spent the past 15 years leading product teams that excite and delight their customers. The success of his customers is the only measure that matters. Ivan brings a fresh outlook to HR having previously lead deep security and foundational technologies projects. Previous to Product Management and Marketing, Ivan served in the US army for well over a decade and speaks Arabic fluently.

Mykkah Herner

CCP, Payscale

Mykkah Herner, M.A., CCP, is Head of Professional Services at PayScale and has over ten years of HR experience. His team has helped numerous organizations including GoDaddy,, Goodwill Industries, and Perry Ellis to develop compensation philosophies and implement strategies. Mykkah specializes in linking performance with compensation, change management, process improvement, and developing HR policies and procedures.

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