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5 Steps for Building an Ideal Company Culture

5 Steps for Building an Ideal Company Culture

According to a Columbia University study, job turnover at an organization with rich company culture is 13.9 percent, compared to 48.4 percent at companies with poor culture. So what makes a rich company culture? And how can you build one that works with your core values?

  • How to decide what your culture will focus on
  • Building your culture with your employees
  • Communicating your culture so it sticks
  • How to build culture with remote workers
  • Working with toxic employees
About the speakers
Ivan Hurtt

Ivan Hurtt is know as the guy to take on your hardest problems. As a result, has spent the past 15 years leading product teams that excite and delight their customers. The success of his customers is the only measure that matters. Ivan brings a fresh outlook to HR having previously lead deep security and foundational technologies projects. Previous to Product Management and Marketing, Ivan served in the US army for well over a decade and speaks Arabic fluently.

Dr. Benjamin Granger

Principal Consultant of Organizational Behavior

Dr. Benjamin Granger provides expert guidance to organizations implementing employee engagement and assessment initiatives. Prior to joining Qualtrics, Ben spent five years as a Senior Consultant with Verizon’s Employee Experience team where he led enterprise-wide employee assessment, engagement, and system integration projects. Ben is also a certified Lean Six Sigma Greenbelt.

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