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Aligning Pay Philosophy, Company Culture, and Employer Brand

Aligning Pay Philosophy, Company Culture, and Employer Brand

What makes an employer brand believable? The best employers work hard developing their mission, vision, and values and communicating them to their employees. But in spite of all these efforts, two employees from the same organization can have a different experience in how these values are put into practice. For your organization to prove to current and prospective employees that your employee experience is as advertised, your compensation and culture need to consistently align with your employer brand.

Join Jeff Adams of BambooHR and Wendy Brown of PayScale to explore how differences in compensation and culture from team to team can undermine the experience your organization promises its employees—and then discover the steps you can take to keep these unspoken promises.

  • The far-reaching effects an employer brand has on recruiting, retention, and employee satisfaction
  • Why it’s important to create a strong pay brand
  • How to align your compensation plan with your culture
  • Lessons from implementing a commission-free sales structure
  • How to identify cultural misalignment
  • How to communicate misalignment to leadership
About the speakers
Jeff Adams

Chief Revenue Officer at BambooHR

Jeff has held various sales and marketing leadership positions for the last 25 years. This includes a small start-up with a handful of employees, a Fortune 50 company with over 200 thousand, and everything in between. Jeff was previously the VP of International for Pluralsight and currently serves as the Chief Revenue Officer for BambooHR. He's obsessed with how great teams and organizations are built and is convinced that individuals, companies, and markets are moved by capturing hearts and imaginations.

Wendy Brown

Director of Content Marketing at PayScale

She has led many, high-performing marketing teams and growth initiatives throughout her career, which has spanned across large well-known brands like Microsoft and T-Mobile and several technology startups.

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