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Benefits & Compensation

Discover our collection of BambooHR webinars focusing on all things benefits and compensation. Sharpen your HR skills with webinars on pay, employee health and wellbeing, and more.
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February 23, 2023 1:00pm ET
Supporting Employees with Payroll (and More)

Payroll is an essential part of supporting employees’ basic needs, and supporting those needs is crucial for recruiting and retaining employees. Register here and join us February 23 from 1:00–2:00 PM ET to hear from a BambooHR Payroll user and view a live demo of BambooHR Payroll.

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Building a Compensation Plan for Better Retention Hosted by TechCrunch

With the global economy teetering on recession in the wake of climbing inflation, it’s critical for business leaders to evaluate employee compensation as a way to maximize employee retention. In this webinar, Nick Gavronsky, Sr. Director of Product Management at BambooHR and Cassie Whitlock, Director of HR at BambooHR, will offer their expert guidance on how to develop the right compensation strategy to help you attract and retain top talent.

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Succeeding with your BambooHR Account Executive

Does your relationship with your BambooHR Account Executive set you up for success? In a successful relationship, you can gain a better understanding of your client’s needs, access to top quality customer service, and the ability to uncover more sales opportunities. In this webinar, get the information you need to succeed with your BambooHR Account Executive and either receive commission on your sales or gain a discount for your clients off implementation services. Hear success stories from one of BambooHR’s top Account Executives and get takeaways that you can implement in your own relationship.

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Make Time Management Simpler with Time Tracking from BambooHR

Tracking time is an essential part of managing time and staying accountable—to your employees, your clients, and the government. But tracking time can take a lot of time, especially when your employees work in different locations or your organization serves multiple clients.

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Employee Development in 2023: Trends and Tactics to Retain Good Employees

With today's combination of uncertain markets and unavailable talent, engaging and retaining good employees is more important than ever. But people don't just stay for the money; they want an experience that helps them grow personally and professionally.

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Smashing Payroll Barriers with Built-in Payroll from BambooHR

Employees want to take an active role in tracking their compensation. But all too often the process includes all kinds of barriers—from knowing where to log in to getting the pay information they need in the right format for loan applications and other needs. See how payroll from BambooHR gives you and your employees appropriate, seamless access to compensation data.

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How Your Employee Experience Makes or Breaks Your Revenue

Join us for this meaningful conversation with Julia Anas, Chief People Officer at Qualtrics, and Aarthi Murali, Chief Customer Experience Officer at M&T Bank as they talk challenges and share real stories as well as strategies to amplify your employee experience to better support your customers and drive serious business impact.

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Improve Your Payroll Processes with Payroll from BambooHR

Payroll can be a headache, but having the right technology makes all the difference. Watch this video to see how Payroll with BambooHR can simplify your payroll processes to save you time and stress.

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Pay Equity Conversations Don't Have to be Uncomfortable

Join CEO & Global Executive Coach at Divinely Powered Hakemia Jackson, Bonfire Chief People & Culture Officer Becky Larkin, and Diversity Window CEO Jiquanda Nelson to learn how to identify gaps with your existing pay structures, build fair strategies that support your company goals and culture, and honestly — and compassionately — navigate tough conversations with your leadership team and employees.

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Retention in the Face of Recession: Compensation Strategies for a Roller Coaster Market

Join Lexi Clarke, VP of People at Payscale, and James Redfern, CFO at Payscale for the first ever session of our new HR Disruptors conversation series. They'll discuss how you can build a compensation plan that incentivizes candidates, helps retain employees and makes your executive team breathe a sigh of relief.

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Save Time with BambooHR Time Tracking®

Looking for a new Time Tracking solution? Join us to see how BambooHR Time Tracking® bridges the gap between managers and employees, saving hours of work while keeping your numbers accurate.

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Gain Better Insights with Reporting + Payroll in BambooHR®

Reporting is a must-have functionality when it comes to payroll. Payroll admins need to be able to quickly and easily create actionable reports—not only for informing business strategy, but to carry out essential tax functions, ensure future payroll runs, and more. And when it comes to presentations, who doesn’t love generating a beautifully organized goldmine of targeted insights with a mouse-click?

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Episode 4: Why You Need a Total Rewards Strategy

In episode four of the series we’ll dive into why you need a total rewards strategy, and explore how organizations can help employees see the full picture when it comes to compensation. In this discussion, we'll rethink benefits to fit the modern workplace while safeguarding funds for an economic downturn.

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How BambooHR® Makes Payroll Fast, Easy and Accurate

Payroll can be a headache-inducing task. But with payroll from BambooHR®, you can get back the time you spent triple-checking numbers (and put the aspirin away).

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Time Tracking with BambooHR

Tracking time is an essential part of staying accountable—to your employees, to your clients, and to the government. But tracking time can take a lot of time, especially when your employees work in different locations or your organization bills clients based on projects or hours.

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Episode 3: How Compensation Impacts Retention

HR is often the place employees look for answers to their toughest questions. But where can HR leaders go for support, especially in times of uncertainty? Watch Episode three in this event series designed to create a space where HR leaders can find community and get expert answers to hard questions about culture, best practices, and more.

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Mastering Mobile Time Tracking with BambooHR®

Tracking time with full accountability can be a tall order, especially for employees who do their work in the field or off site. How do you make time tracking easy for remote and in-office employees while ensuring accuracy for your records? It’s going to take more than a dusty time clock.

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Better Together: How Three BambooHR® Add-ons Work Best When Combined

What’s the advantage of bringing together all your HR processes under one roof? With our add-ons for time tracking, performance management, and payroll combined, you can save time, connect all your data, work from a single system, and more.

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Streamlining Your Compensation with Payroll from BambooHR®

Payroll is the keystone of any organization. When it’s consistent, solid, and supported, you can build an amazing workplace where employees have full confidence in their employer—the first requirement for employee retention.

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More than Pay Stubs: Improving Retention with Total Compensation Review

The Great Resignation has a lot of businesses rethinking their retention strategies, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to convince your people you value them. You just have to show them you’re already investing in their success—not through unread paystubs, but with a personal explanation of everything your organization provides.

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Mastering Hourly Payroll with BambooHR®

Having Payroll and Time Tracking in BambooHR makes gathering hourly payroll information and submitting it correctly much simpler. There’s less room for errors and more breathing room in your payroll schedule with all your personnel data, hourly data, and payroll processing in a single system. Join us for a live webinar all about how BambooHR seamlessly supports your hourly payroll process.

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Tracking Time in Less Time with BambooHR®

Your employees need accountability for their hours worked. You need a way to provide that accountability without bogging everyone down in checking the accuracy of working hours. BambooHR® Time Tracking bridges that gap, saving hours of work while keeping your numbers accurate.

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How Payroll from BambooHR Can Improve the Employee Experience

Join us for a session on how BambooHR simplifies your payroll process by reducing double entry and making it easier to generate reports, so you can be confident payroll is done on time every time.

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Using Compensation to Motivate Performance

Breathe new life into your performance strategy with our new webinar series. Move the needle on both employee engagement and performance today.

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Tough Comp Conversations: A Guide For Doing Them Right

Comp can be tricky… after all, few things carry as much emotional weight as comp. In this webinar we'll deconstruct some of the psychology around comp, take an analytic look at comp’s role in the employee experience, and get tactical with guidance on very specific comp conversations.

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How to Use Benefits to Create a Culture of Health and Well-Being

With a new year comes the practice of making resolutions. You might see this as your employees try to bounce back from the holidays with new goals to better themselves. This is your opportunity to harness that positive energy and create a lasting change in your organization’s culture.

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