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Performance & Culture

Take your people strategy to the gym with BambooHR webinars on performance and culture. Put in the work and reap satisfied, motivated employees.
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Episode 8: How Leadership Defines Culture

Watch Episode eight of HR Unplugged now! Anita Grantham, Head of HR at BambooHR, discusses how leadership defines culture. Leadership is the pillar that ties everything together and drives business performance, so it deserves an episode of its own!

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Give People the Tools to Perform with BambooHR Performance Management

See how BambooHR® Performance Management gives you the tools you need to lead and the tools your people need to perform. Our assessments help gather feedback from managers, peers, and the employees themselves with a few targeted questions, enabling conversations that get to the heart of what each person needs to thrive within their role.

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Retention in the Face of Recession: Compensation Strategies for a Roller Coaster Market

Join Lexi Clarke, VP of People at Payscale, and James Redfern, CFO at Payscale for the first ever session of our new HR Disruptors conversation series. They'll discuss how you can build a compensation plan that incentivizes candidates, helps retain employees and makes your executive team breathe a sigh of relief.

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Managing Retention Throughout the Employee Lifecycle

Join BambooHR and Greenhouse August 30th at 10:00 AM PT to hear from a panel of recruiting experts on how to create an attractive and attentive experience for employees at every stage of their journey with your organization.

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Managing Performance with BambooHR

Performance management is a process, not a single task. And in order to succeed, each step in that process has to respect your employees’ time, stay accurate, and lead to meaningful insights or changes where needed. That’s where BambooHR® Performance Management comes in.

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Better Together: How Three BambooHR® Add-ons Work Best When Combined

What’s the advantage of bringing together all your HR processes under one roof? With our add-ons for time tracking, performance management, and payroll combined, you can save time, connect all your data, work from a single system, and more.

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More than Pay Stubs: Improving Retention with Total Compensation Review

The Great Resignation has a lot of businesses rethinking their retention strategies, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel to convince your people you value them. You just have to show them you’re already investing in their success—not through unread paystubs, but with a personal explanation of everything your organization provides.

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A Holistic Approach to Performance Management with BambooHR®

Providing a great employee experience takes more than presentations, perks, and motivational posters. To keep employees engaged and improve long-term retention, leadership needs to know how employees view their decisions and employees need to feel that leadership cares about their future.

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Your 2021 Guide to Meaningful and Impactful 1:1 Meetings

Join BambooHR and 15Five as they share their insights for how to have meaningful and impactful one-on-ones in 2021.

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Leadership Lessons from a Pandemic

Join our panel of experts from BizLibrary and BambooHR as they have an open conversation about what it’s been like to lead organizations of all shapes and sizes during a global pandemic. We discuss their greatest successes and biggest learning lessons. Because we all know leading among uncertainty is not easy, but with the right attitude, organizations and leaders can come out of this stronger than ever.

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Maintaining Company Culture in Times of Change

Learn how to maintain your company culture in times of change with a free webinar from BambooHR and Lattice.

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How to Make Employee Mental Health a Priority

Learn how improving your organization’s mental health policies can benefit employees and your bottom line, with proven tips and strategies to get you started.

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Using Compliance to Build a Positive Company Culture

Keeping up on compliance is both a chore and a challenge for many HR professionals, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact, your compliance strategy could become a key building block of your positive company culture. Register for the webinar today to learn how.

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Using HR Software to Build and Manage a Stellar Remote Workforce

Remote workers have unique needs and challenges that traditional employees may not. Join BambooHR, Workable and HireVue as they explore how to best build and manage a remote workforce.

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People Are The Pulse of Your Organization

This panel discussion will explore how to recognize the cycle of engagement, both individually and on an organizational level, while providing insights and best practices to help you keep your organization healthy.

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How to Use Benefits to Create a Culture of Health and Well-Being

With a new year comes the practice of making resolutions. You might see this as your employees try to bounce back from the holidays with new goals to better themselves. This is your opportunity to harness that positive energy and create a lasting change in your organization’s culture.

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Paying for Performance: A Critical Tool to Fuel Both Individual and Organizational Success

Join Victoria Hodgkins of BambooHR and Johndoe Calrissian of PayScale as they explore the important relationship between pay and performance, with five important factors to consider when linking pay to performance

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Reinventing Performance Management - How to Do It Right

Companies are fleeing from old-school performance reviews. Join us in this conversation on how to make performance management a successful part of your company’s strategy.

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HR's Role In Employee Performance

Is it the role of HR to help increase performance? Simply put, yes. Learn HR's role in helping employees perform and how driving performance is a strategic HR role.

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Panel Discussion: Culture and Employee Engagement

Join Glassdoor, BambooHR, At&T and Freshbooks as we tackle some of the issues around culture and employee engagement. This panel discussion dives deep into the most asked questions.

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Learning Culture and Employee Engagement

Using the right recipe for employee engagement helps you cook up success in your organization, with a healthy portion of financial improvement on the side.

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