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Constructing Culture Through Rewards and Recognition

Constructing Culture Through Rewards and Recognition

While a reward and recognition program can encourage better performance and productivity, it can also communicate a lot about your organization’s culture. What types of behaviors and habits are you encouraging (or discouraging) in your employees? Organizations with strategic recognition programs can reduce employee frustration in the workplace by 28 percent while constructing a productive and positive culture. Is your program building your culture? In this webinar, you will learn:

  • What makes a reward and recognition program meaningful
  • 5 factors to consider when developing a program
  • How to utilize executive buy-in and initiatives
About the speakers
Anna Lim

HR Evangelist at BambooHR

Anna Lim is an HR Evangelist at BambooHR where she spends her time inspiring and enabling HR to be more strategic. She manages the online thought leadership program where thousands come to learn and gain HR accreditation. She loves talking about workplace dynamics and what makes a great company great. In her spare time she fly fishes and keeps bees.

Steve Sonnenberg

CEO/Founder of Awardco

Before launching Awardco, Steve worked with tech startup Qualtrics on a new team that focused on employee engagement surveys around the world. He has a bold vision, coupled with a diverse set of abilities that he uses to usher in new methods of employee recognition and engagement. Sonnenberg works closely with Amazon Business to continually introduce new ways to motivate and engage employees and offers solutions in more than 100 countries. He majored in information technology and started his first multimillion-dollar organization while at Utah Valley University.

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