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Developing Rewards: A Panel Discussion with BambooHR and Terryberry

Developing Rewards: A Panel Discussion with BambooHR and Terryberry

Every employee in your organization has a complex personality and a unique working situation. How do you develop recognition programs that will be meaningful for everyone? Join us for a panel discussion with thought leaders from Terryberry and BambooHR as we explore the intricate process of recognizing employees in ways that matter.

  • Which employee behaviors, actions, and accomplishments to recognize
  • Strong examples of effective rewards and recognition for remote workers
  • Suggestions for getting leadership on board with a reward and recognition program
  • Tips for communicating recognition programs and gaining high participation
  • How to deliver recognition at the right intervals
About the speakers
Mike Byam

Managing Partner of Terryberry

Mike Byam is the author of The WOW! Workplace, and Managing Partner of Terryberry, a century-old international firm that specializes in implementing and managing employee recognition programs. Mike is a frequent speaker on the topic of employee recognition to HR professionals and business groups around the world.

Dr. Paul White

Dr. Paul White is a psychologist, author, speaker, and consultant who makes work relationships work. He has written articles for and been interviewed by Bloomberg’s Business Week, CNN/,, Fast Company,, Huffington Post LIVE, U.S. News and World Report, and Yahoo! Finance.

Cassie Whitlock

Director of Human Resources at BambooHR

Cassie started her career in the accounting world but working with small and medium sized companies, the HR function was always handed to her. She loves the intersection of business and humans, and believes that when companies focus on the human aspect of their people, the people in turn focus on the business needs. She enjoys her work most when she can take her talents in data, processes, and human psychology to make someone's day better. She believes that strategy is accomplished in the details of how you manage the daily tactical items. A quick humor and a thoughtful, listening nature are the mark of her leadership style. She views her team as part of her family and enjoys working hard with them, while they all learn, grow, and execute on business-critical initiatives.

Brenton Williamson

HR Evangelist, BambooHR

Brenton Williamson is an HR Evangelist at BambooHR. His focus is to inspire and enable HR to be more strategic. He leads the creative team at BambooHR, where they create content designed to provide insights and best practices to help HR transition from an operational role to a strategic role.

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