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Employee Development as a Differentiator in the Coming Talent Crisis

High employee turnover should be worrisome to any employer. Simply consider the expense to recruit, interview, and train new employees, and it’s easy to see why retention is such a high priority for the C-suite. And as the economy continues to pick up and the job market grows, employees now have more options—meaning organizations have to work harder than ever to engage and retain top talent. So what strategies can learning and development (L&D) professionals employ to remain competitive and avoid a talent shortage during the economic uptick?

BambooHR and Phone

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Diversity, a business perspective
  • The upcoming talent crisis, and why implementing a collaborative learning culture is the key to solving it
  • What workers expect in their employers’ approach to L&D
  • Making the right investments in your learning strategy to avoid the L&D “spend paradox

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