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 How Your Employee Experience Makes or Breaks Your Revenue

How Your Employee Experience Makes or Breaks Your Revenue

Your business has two types of customers that will make or break your revenue: the customers who pay you and the employees you pay. But just how deeply the employee experience impacts your customer experience—and your bottom line—is usually underestimated. Many executives overlook the connection, while HR teams struggle to prove the business value of the employee experience they meticulously craft.

Watch this impactful conversation with Julia Anas, Chief People Officer at Qualtrics, and Aarthi Murali, Chief Customer Experience Officer at M&T Bank, as they talk challenges and share real stories and strategies to amplify your employee experience to better support your customers and drive serious business impact.

About the speakers
Julia Anas

Chief People Officer | Qualtrics

Julia Anas serves as chief people officer at Qualtrics. She is responsible for leading the company’s people strategy, powering legendary employee experiences for Qualtrics’ growing global workforce. Julia has played a critical role building a talented and diverse organization and driving employee development, compensation planning as well as organizational design, talent and succession planning in alignment with the organization’s business objectives. Previously, Anas was VP of employee experience at Adobe, where she played a critical role driving employee development, compensation planning as well as organizational design, talent and succession planning. She was also a core member of Adobe’s global COVID-19 crisis management team. Prior to joining Adobe, Anas was a director at Symantec, and she also previously led people teams at Intuit, Solyndra, Align Technology and Yahoo!.

Aarthi Murali

Chief Experience Officer | M&T Bank

A customer fanatic at heart and in practice, Aarthi is M&T Bank’s first Chief Customer Experience Officer, Aarthi believes that taking an outside-in approach is key to making a difference in people’s lives. At M&T, Aarthi focuses on enabling teams across the enterprise to design delightful, end-to-end experiences for customers, while building out capabilities to support them. She advocates for a diverse and inclusive culture that focuses on employee empowerment and learning. She also actively leads the connection between customer journeys and agile ways of working. Before joining M&T in 2020, Aarthi spent 17 years serving in a series of progressive leadership roles at J.P. Morgan Chase & Co., where she most recently led the client experience for the company's Commercial Bank, fostering a culture of client advocacy. Aarthi holds a master’s degree in computer science from Loyola University Chicago.

Tara Martell

VP of Customer Experience | BambooHR

Tara Martell serves as Vice President of Customer Experience, where she leads over 360 CX professionals in the company’s award-winning customer support division. Tara’s dedication to a feeling of personal connection with customers has cultivated a uniquely positive attitude of service within her team, resulting in a customer experience that is core to the company’s DNA and a major brand differentiator.

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