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Examining Employee Engagement: A Panel Discussion with BambooHR, Whil and Virgin Pulse

Examining Employee Engagement: A Panel Discussion with BambooHR, Whil and Virgin Pulse

Employee engagement is one of the most important initiatives in HR today, as it can boost productivity, performance, retention, and more. Yet it’s also one of the most difficult to understand and execute effectively. What’s an HR professional to do? Join us for a panel discussion with experts from BambooHR, Virgin Pulse, and Whil weighing in on employee engagement strategies and more.

  • How to balance strong company culture and employee engagement
  • Ways to positively impact employee engagement, including non-monetary strategies
  • The biggest threats to high engagement in your organization
  • Three best practices for encouraging employee engagement
  • The future of engagement strategies and thought leadership
About the speakers
Bryson Kearl

HR Content Creator at BambooHR

Bryson Kearl is an HR Content Creator at BambooHR. His role enables him to study HR's impact on organizations, and he is a diehard believer in the vital role HR plays in building company culture to increase employee engagement and, ultimately, achieve overarching business objectives. Before joining BambooHR, Bryson was a business consultant and stand-up comedian.

Rajiv Kumar, M.D.

Chief Medical Officer and President of Virgin Pulse Institute

Rajiv Kumar serves as Chief Medical Officer and President of Virgin Pulse Institute, which provides Virgin Pulse clients with cutting-edge Value-on-Investment (VOI) studies and promotes research on health, wellbeing and employee engagement. Dr. Rajiv Kumar’s responsibilities also include overseeing the Virgin Pulse Science Advisory Board and the organization’s analytics team.

Joe Burton

Founder and CEO of Whil Concepts

Joe Burton is the founder and CEO of Whil Concepts, a digital training platform helping employees to reduce stress, increase resiliency and improve their sleep and performance. Joe is an alumnus of Harvard Business School and a regular contributor to Forbes, Business Insider, and The Huffington Post. As Whil's CEO, he's become known for modernizing brain training techniques for professionals, by professionals... creating mindfulness for the rest of us.

Rusty Lindquist

VP of Thought Leadership at BambooHR

Rusty is the Vice President of Strategic HR Insights at BambooHR, where he studies the intersection of organizational behavior, business, and HR strategy. Before that, he spent 18 years as head of product in technology companies in the learning and development, and technology industries. Rusty is also a writer and public speaker, focused on human performance engineering.

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