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Fireside Chat: Employee Engagement

Fireside Chat: Employee Engagement

It's the holiday season and it's a good time to cozy up with us to learn about employee engagement. We are asking Glassdoor and BambooHR thought leaders, alongside best-selling author and employee engagement expert, Jill Christensen, some of the pressing questions we have on getting the best engagement from talent.

  • Common traits seen in companies with high engagement
  • How to engage a remote workforce
  • The difference between deep and shallow engagement
  • How to deal with toxic employees negatively affecting engagement
About the speakers
Carmel Galvin

Chief Human Resources Officer, Glassdoor

Carmel Galvin is chief human resources officer of Glassdoor, responsible for directing all the people functions, including strategic human resources planning, learning & development, talent acquisition, total rewards, employee relations, employee engagement culture management, compliance issues, and more. She brings nearly 25 years of extensive international experience in HR from information services, tech and finance industries.

Jill Christensen

Best-Selling Author. Keynote Speaker. Employee Engagement Expert.

A former Fortune 500 Corporate Communications business executive with a Six Sigma Green Belt, Jill understands how organizations operate, and what they need to do differently to attract, retain, and engage employees. Her first book, If Not You, Who?, is a global best-seller, her latest book, Remote 101: The Secret to Engaging Virtual Workers, debuted last fall, and her popular weekly blog was named a Top 100 Corporate Blog alongside of Apple and Microsoft. Please help me welcome Top 200 Global Thought Leader to Watch, Jill Christensen.

Brenton Williamson

HR Evangelist, BambooHR

Brenton Williamson is an HR Evangelist at BambooHR. His focus is to inspire and enable HR to be more strategic. He leads the creative team at BambooHR, where they create content designed to provide insights and best practices to help HR transition from an operational role to a strategic role.

Rusty Lindquist

VP of Thought Leadership at BambooHR

Rusty is the Vice President of Strategic HR Insights at BambooHR, where he studies the intersection of organizational behavior, business, and HR strategy. Before that, he spent 18 years as head of product in technology companies in the learning and development, and technology industries. Rusty is also a writer and public speaker, focused on human performance engineering.

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