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How to Improve Retention Now and in the Future

How to Improve Retention Now and in the Future

In a recent survey from PayScale, business leaders identified retention as one of their top concerns, with 24 percent of respondents saying it will be their biggest HR challenge in 2019. With the job market as competitive as it is, and cost of turnover as high as it is, it’s no wonder improving retention is at the top of the priority list for many organizations. Yet not all of these organizations know what retention techniques to use when it comes down to actually moving the needle.

Join Morgan Lyman of BambooHR and Brian Webber of PayScale as they share both long-term strategies and immediate tactics for boosting retention in your organization.

  • The latest data around retention
  • The financial and cultural cost of turnover
  • Strategies to improve retention in the long-run
  • Ideas you can implement immediately (for free)
About the speakers
Morgan Lyman

Talent Acquisition Partner at BambooHR

Morgan is a Talent Acquisition Partner at BambooHR where he partners with a myriad of departments in their hiring efforts. He finds great job satisfaction in creating and implementing processes that promote a positive candidate experience and efficiency in the hiring process. He loves working at BambooHR and setting people free to do great work. He is multi-talented and can hold his breath for an impressive 30 seconds.

Brian Webber

Sr. People Business Partner at PayScale

Brian manages PayScale’s own compensation programs and has been a key player in helping to advance the communication between managers and employees on compensation and performance. As an HR professional, Brian has focused his career on developing people-centric organizations, fostering transparent conversations between employees and managers, and building more inclusive workplaces.

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