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Promoting Employee Engagement in a Busy Organization

Promoting Employee Engagement in a Busy Organization

There’s a night-and-day difference between traditional performance management and a continuous performance conversation between managers and employees. The last few years have seen a dramatic shift away from annual reviews, with managers focusing instead on holding regular feedback sessions with their direct reports. This investment in employee engagement is essential, but the question remains—how do you put in the time and effort it takes to do it well?

Join panelists from BambooHR and The Predictive Index as they explore how regular performance management affects employee engagement, providing strategies to help managers and leadership navigate the transition to regularly managing performance.

  • How managers can balance recognizing effort and promoting accountability when giving feedback
  • Logistical tips for helping managers hold one-on-one meetings in spite of large teams or busy schedules
  • How to get buy-in from senior leadership for recognition programs to promote employee engagement throughout the organization
About the speakers
Shane Metcalf

Co-Founder & Chief Culture Officer at 15Five

Shane Metcalf is a seasoned executive coach and speaker who is obsessed with building healthy organizations, and creating the opportunity for people to have meaningful work and relationships. Shane co-founded 15Five, industry-leading performance management software that is unlocking the potential of the global workforce. As Chief Culture Officer, Shane understands what motivates people, how to architect high performance, and which principles create “self-organizing cultures”.

Libby Mullen-Eaves

Sr. Director of People Operations & Culture at BizLibrary

Libby loves helping employees realize their maximum potential. Libby has over 25 years of experience in Education, Training, and Business Consultation, both in the Higher Education realm and the Business Sector. Building positive partnerships, solving business challenges creatively, and developing the strengths in others are what make Libby tick. She is a fervent writer, an experienced public speaker and is most passionate about life-long learning.

Julie Jeannotte

Culture & Engagement Expert at Officevibe

Julie Jeannotte is the Culture & Engagement Expert at Officevibe. Julie holds a degree in Business Administration, with a Major in Human Resources. She's worked in various tech companies in Human Resources and Organizational Coaching. She spent more than 10 years helping organizations understand the value of having their employees at the heart of their strategy, bringing the best out of people and creating amazing workplaces.

Greg Barnett

Vice President of Science at The Predictive Index

Greg is the Vice President of Science at The Predictive Index, overseeing the execution of the company’s science agenda, including talent analytics, employee assessments, employee surveys, psychometrics, machine learning, and natural language processing initiatives. For more than 18 years, Greg has served as a talent management and analytics advisor for hundreds of companies, as well as more than half of the Fortune 50.

Cassie Whitlock

Director of Human Resources at BambooHR

Cassie started her career in the accounting world but working with small and medium sized companies, the HR function was always handed to her. She loves the intersection of business and humans, and believes that when companies focus on the human aspect of their people, the people in turn focus on the business needs. She enjoys her work most when she can take her talents in data, processes, and human psychology to make someone's day better. She believes that strategy is accomplished in the details of how you manage the daily tactical items. A quick humor and a thoughtful, listening nature are the mark of her leadership style. She views her team as part of her family and enjoys working hard with them, while they all learn, grow, and execute on business-critical initiatives.

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