The Hard Truth About Soft Skills

Today our organizations have to move faster than ever before. Getting our organizations to move fast, means the systems in our organizations have to function smoothly, without friction. And when it comes to creating value, there’s no more important system than our people systems. Because businesses don’t create value, people do.

But how do you remove friction from our people systems? How do you get our people systems to function more smoothly to produce more value. It all comes down to learning how to optimize around soft skills. If hard skills are like the cogs in the machine, then soft skills are like the oil that makes those cogs work together smoothly. If you have all of one, but none of the other, than the system will break down.

Join us in this practical webinar where we break down the difference between hard skills and soft skills. You’ll walk away with a solid understanding of not just what soft skills are, but why they’re so important today, and what’s more, a practical checklist for how to start making soft-skills optimization a part of your HR processes.