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BambooHR vs. Hibob

BambooHR helps you grow and thrive.

BambooHR makes HR task management simpler and more efficient, but it’s more than just an all-in-one HR platform. Its comprehensive features help you support your people, give you insight to grow your business, and allow you to invest more time in areas like retention and engagement.

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Hibob has significant feature gaps.

Hibob, also referred to as bob, is an HRIS that’s made to look and feel like a social media app. While its fun design and quirky features do make it easy for employees to connect with each other, bob is missing some key functionality that growing businesses can’t do without.

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BambooHR: Our award-winning applicant tracking system gives you the power to:

  • Easily post to Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, and Indeed
  • Collaborate on candidate evaluation
  • Automate personalized offer letters
  • Create candidate pools
  • Hiring mobile app: make hiring decisions on the go.

Hibob: Hibob doesn’t have an ATS, so you’ll need to find and pay for a third-party provider or do it all yourself using email or paper file, meaning more time and more headaches.

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Implementation & Support

BambooHR: Our implementation and support teams get rave reviews from customers—we’re literally award-winning.

  • Choose from multiple implementation options
  • Get help via phone, email, or chat
  • Keep learning with our free customer education resources
Stevie Award Winner

Hibob: Hibob only offers one implementation service, and when it’s over, that’s it—no more phone support, just an email address. Customers frequently mention the following problems:

  • Lack of support during and after implementation
  • Slow response to customer support requests
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BambooHR (U.S. only): Payroll in BambooHR is fast, simple, and easy, so you can:

  • Eliminate double entry with a single, secure database
  • Dig into your data with comprehensive payroll reporting
  • Give employees access to their payroll information
  • Leave federal, state, and local tax filing to us

Hibob: Hibob doesn’t offer payroll, just a payroll hub with limited reporting capabilities. If you want to pay your people, you’ll need to use a third-party payroll provider that’s compatible with the HRIS and that could mean hours of data double entry.

  • Lack of support during and after implementation
  • Slow response to customer support requests

User Experience

BambooHR: BambooHR is consistently rated as one of the easiest and most user-friendly HR platforms available.

  • G2 reviewers rank BambooHR higher than bob across the board.

Hibob: G2 reviewers give Hibob high marks for its “modern look” and “friendly UX,” but multiple reviews mention the software is:

  • “Buggy”
  • Take a long time to configure
  • Feels “immature”
“BambooHR's excellent range of intuitive features makes it indispensable, earning it our Editors' Choice designation for all-inclusive HR management systems.”
—PCMag’s BambooHR Review
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BambooHR: You get a beginning-to-end set of tools to give new hires a warm welcome, with time-saving features like:

  • A new hire packet with first-day, manager, and team info
  • Get to Know You questionnaire for new hires
  • Customizable onboarding checklists with automated reminders
  • Electronic signatures and preboarding features

Hibob: Hibob offers customizable onboarding templates, but without a native ATS, you’ll need to manually enter new hire information or double-check it synced correctly (if using a third-party integration).

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Employee Experience

BambooHR: Our intelligent engagement feature, BambooHR® Employee Satisfaction, replaces old-fashioned surveys with a simple, anonymous, two-part questionnaire and the proven power of eNPS®* scoring. Analytics include:

  • Top trending topics
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Top 5 Likes™ & Top 5 Dislikes™ smart reporting

Hibob: As far as culture tools, bob offers traditional employee surveys, social-media-style “shout-outs,” and “clubs” based on shared interests.

  • Survey analysis is basic—you’ll have to sort responses as positive or negative.
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Data & Analytics

BambooHR: We make it easy to track data and keep it accurate with:

  • Over 40 standard reports, plus custom reports
  • Employee self-service access
  • Approval workflows for time off, hiring, and more
  • Report sharing with key stakeholders
  • Automated, scheduled reports

Hibob: With bob, you get workflows, but only 22 reports come built-in—you’ll need to customize the rest or create workarounds to meet your needs.

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