Employee Community

Centralized and effective communication that improves employee engagement.


The path to a thriving workplace is paved with great communication.

Employee Community offers a central place for all internal communications, so important updates and announcements don’t get lost in the many feeds of life. It’s a place for HR to keep everyone in the know and for employees to connect across physical and virtual divides.

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“Making and building relationships with people is a major part of what I do in my job, and Employee Community has really opened a lot of doors. It’s completely changed the kind of engagement we have globally [between offices] and really made some massive changes for us. It’s been fantastic.”

Sarah Norwood | Human Resources Support Specialist | Fulkrum

Break down silos, empower collaboration, and create company-wide alignment.

Knowledge sharing across multiple office locations, departments, and working arrangements is a challenge that deserves a targeted solution. Employee Community helps forge connections to ensure everyone stays pointed in the same direction and has insight into each other’s news, updates, and accomplishments, wherever they’re located.

Get digital confirmation on must-see posts and collect real-time engagement metrics.

Comments and reactions aren’t the only way to track engagement in Employee Community. Visit the Insights Dashboard to see real-time and historical data around content performance, user activity, and more. And with the Confirmations feature, you can flag important posts as required viewing and request digital confirmation from employees as proof of receipt. Use these insights to make data-driven decisions around what, when, and how you communicate with your team.

Foster a culture of belonging and collaboration.

Unlocking the power of connected employees starts with creating a sense of belonging for each team member. With niche interest groups, project-specific work groups, and regional office groups, there’s room for everyone in Employee Community—along with all the tools you need to encourage excitement and collaboration around a shared purpose.

You don’t have to take our word for it.

Read what our customers say about our product and support.

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Never underestimate the power of a shout-out.

With the ability to schedule several posts in one sitting, it’s easy to make sure every important milestone gets a shout-out. Celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and work accomplishments right inside BambooHR, where everyone can join in the fun. Employees can respond and show support like they would on social media, with likes, emojis, gifs, and more.

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Everything works together in BambooHR.

Get better communication tools in a simpler tech stack.

Multiple apps, logins, notifications, and content feeds can make clear communication nearly impossible. BambooHR creates a central, easy-to-use resource hub employees can rely on for all their HR and information needs, from checking their paystubs and requesting time off, to getting the latest company news, project updates, and more.

Seamlessly integrate with email and instant messaging tools.

Employee Community seamlessly integrates with popular comms tools like email and Slack, and builds on them to create a productive, natural communication flow. When you create a post in Employee Community, it can also be automatically shared to employees’ inboxes or a Slack channel, ensuring each employee sees updates where they prefer.

Our customers say it best.

We asked BambooHR customers who use Employee Community to share how it’s helped streamline their employee communications and improve engagement.

"I don’t need to do a newsletter now. We can regularly announce important news, like any new contracts or awards we’ve won...and we now get engagement back from people because we’re putting news where people can actually respond to it. Employee Community has revolutionized everything.”

Sarah Norwood | Fulkrum

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