HR professionals in businesses of all sizes understand how much technology has changed the landscape of recruitment and hiring. For HR in small and mid-sized businesses, the ability to effectively and efficiently manage the process of reaching out to potential job applicants, screening responses to posted vacancies, and making hiring decisions is essential in today’s competitive business environment.

Enter ATS. An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a software application that enables HR to automate the processes associated with recruiting new employees. A cloud-based HR data management system, like BambooHR, greatly speeds HR’s work and enhances efficiency and accuracy by centralizing employee information in one easily accessible application.

An ATS serves much the same function when it comes to recruitment-related data. Resume details and job applications are collected and stored in one location. Information is readily searchable. But that’s only a basic aspect of ATS. These systems enhance HR’s ability to navigate the recruitment process by structuring the overall workflow involved. And that’s typically a customizable feature that enables users to adapt an ATS to their organizations’ unique recruiting and hiring processes.

Most applicant tracking software is built to interface easily with online job boards, making it easy to post vacancies and to share information collected by Monster, CareerBuilder, and other sources. Many ATS providers also offer the flexibility of seamless connections with social networks, providing HR the means to create a branded, custom career site on Facebook, for instance.

The rapidly growing influence of mobile devices has shaped (and is shaping) a variety of HR functions, and recruitment is one of the most common. Applicant tracking systems make it easy for even small businesses to add mobile recruiting capabilities with apps designed for delivery on tablets and smartphones. Just because your organization doesn’t rival the big guys in size doesn’t mean you can level the playing field in talent outreach.

HR practitioners know that hiring is among the most challenging areas of their work when it comes to compliance and the potential for encountering legal risks. Choosing an ATS that offers integrated tools to collect and track government-mandated information makes compliance with EEO and OFCCP regulations much easier. And it provides documentation that can be instrumental in avoiding discrimination concerns.

Also on the legal front, background checks of job applicants are a must-do for employers who want to address workplace safety and hire employees who embody honesty and integrity. Applicant tracking software can include capabilities that automate background checks and audit the process for users. What could be easier?

When your small or mid-sized company needs to ensure that recruitment and hiring is done effectively and efficiently, it’s time to move from an outdated, manual paper-based process to the convenience and security of online applicant tracking. Thanks to BambooHR’s partnerships with top providers of applicant tracking systems, adding automated recruitment capabilities is just a phone call away for BambooHR users.

ATS is a seamless integration into your existing BambooHR system. Our partners’ products offer the same high-quality functionality and extensive, intuitive features you’ve come to trust with Bamboo. And the range of options available provide just-right solutions for even the smallest organizations. It’s easy and it’s affordable – so there’s no better time to ramp up your recruitment capabilities with BambooHR and our powerful partners in ATS.