Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Find the right people faster

Our applicant tracking system is a surprisingly simple way to reach more qualified candidates and track, share, and evaluate their applicant information. Plus, our ATS module works hand in hand with our HR software, so you can enter data once and you're done.

Collaborative Hiring

Collaborators can leave comments, rate candidates, and change applicant statuses—all within the ATS. Permissions let you control what collaborators can view, keeping sensitive information (like desired salary) private. The only hard part will be agreeing on a candidate.

  • Intuitive Interface

    Tech savvy or not, the applicant tracking system is easy to use. Your team will have no problem quickly filtering candidates, rating the best ones with a five-star rating system, and pushing job postings to free job boards and social media outlets.

  • No Duplicate Entry

    Get new hires’ basic data into your HR software with ease. Simply change a candidate’s status to “hired,” and their information will transfer from the applicant tracking software into the HR system. It takes less time to process a new employee than it does to say, “you’re hired.”

  • Build Candidate Pool

    Why start from scratch every time you hire? Keep a pool of past candidates, so you can contact the best ones next time you have an opening. You’ll be able to start interviewing highly-qualified applicants while you find new prospects, wasting no time to fill important positions.

  • Positive Employer Brand

    The employee experience starts with a job application, and a great applicant tracking software makes that experience a positive one. A smooth and convenient application process not only makes your hiring team look like all stars but also builds your reputation as a quality employer.

  • Modern Recruiting

    72 percent of Millennials enjoy looking for jobs on their phones (and 62 percent of other professionals do, too). The best applicant management software helps you speak their language regardless of their location. Your postings will be mobile friendly on your company website, job boards, and social media.

  • Decrease Hiring Time

    Because our applicant tracking system makes your hiring process more efficient, you’ll be able to snag the best candidates more quickly than others competing for the same talent. Thanks to email templates, you’ll send multiple (and customizable) messages to candidates simultaneously so you can move on to your next victory.

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