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The BambooHR Way

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Ben and Ryan are awesome image
Ben and Ryan are awesome.

You’ve heard the one about the two guys meeting over a ping-pong table at work, right? They click, but go their separate ways, then eight years later they reconnect to create the best HR software company in the world. Classic.

Little known fact: that’s Ben Peterson and Ryan Sanders.

And that wasn’t their original goal. In fact, all Ben and Ryan really wanted to do was create a great place to work. They figured if they could create a great place to work, great people would want to work there. And where great people were working, great work would take place. Turns out, they were right.

What’s even better, the HR software these great people make sets other organizations free to do great work. Which means they create their own great places to work. And that’s something Ben and Ryan—and all of us other Bambooligans—are pretty proud of.

Our Mission
Our Mission
Set people free to do great work.

By people, we mean everyone—HR pros, employees, and entire organizations. We’ve seen what a workplace free from unnecessary processes, workplace politics, and other hold-ups can do: build award-winning products, solve problems efficiently and without drama, and help customers spend more time doing great work. We envision that same experience for everyone in every organization around the world, and we hope what we do will help achieve it.

Our Vision
To be the number-one HR experience for small and medium-sized businesses around the world.

From badge-in to badge-out, we’re designing, coding, troubleshooting, and creating with small and medium-sized businesses in mind. Why? Because every business starts out small, and every business needs great HR to be its best.

Our Values
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Like what you see?

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