What are Webhooks?

Webhooks allow you to monitor changes made in BambooHR. BambooHR will watch for changes in fields you specify and post information to a location of your choice.


Webhooks can be configured by an admin user in the tools section by clicking on the link "Webhooks". Webhooks are not turned on for all clients, but can be enabled at no charge by contacting support.

By default, a BambooHR user can specify which fields they want to monitor. The list of fields they can monitor is limited, to view the list click here. The list may expand in the future.

The user can also configure which fields will be posted by the webhook. Any field in the database can be posted. Fields can be posted with an alternate name, but use BambooHR's field names (in English) by default.

Users can specify a schedule of when they want webhooks to fire (only at 12:00pm or every hour at 5 after the hour). They can also limit how often a webhook will fire by setting a maximum number of requests per interval in seconds.


BambooHR will post to an HTTP or HTTPS url, but HTTPS is recommended. Best practices suggest that you specify a secret key when configuring a webhook and that your webhook check for that key, so that only systems that have the secret key can post to your webhook.

Data format

Employee data will be batched when possible, so that if multiple employees' data has been changed, they will be sent together.

Data will be posted in the standard format of an HTML form submission. The structure will be:

employees[<employeeId>][changedFields][0]=Employee #
employees[<employeeId>][changedFields][1]=First Name
employees[<employeeId>][Employee #]=9
employees[<employeeId>][First name]=Robert
employees[<employeeId>][Last name]=Smith
employees[<employeeId>][Job title]=Engineer

where "changedFields" is an array of fields that were changed. If the field is included in the employee data, it will give the name of the posted field. Otherwise, a field ID will be given, and more information about the field can be looked up using the API.

More than one employeeId may be present as a key in the employees structure. While this structure will not be changed, more or less fields with different names may be sent to you, as configured by the user. In addition, in the future, we may add more context to the structure, so it is good practice to ignore fields that your webhook does not recognize.

Note: "[" and "]" will be stripped out of any field name before posting.

Custom webhooks

Some partners have configurations specific to their needs. If you are interested in becoming a BambooHR partner and creating a more customized webhook, please reach out to us.

Have more questions? We're here to help, so please contact us.