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Combine all your HR systems into one platform.

Payroll, Time & Benefits

BambooHR allows you to track hours worked, manage benefits enrollment, and run payroll all from a single platform. No more data double entry and manual approval processes—just easy, accurate payroll for you and your employees.

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Hiring & Onboarding

BambooHR helps you quickly find, hire, and onboard the best talent. With our powerful applicant tracking system and proactive onboarding tasks, you can create a compelling candidate experience and better first days for new hires.

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HR Data & Reporting

BambooHR is your one-stop shop for data management, with instant, pre-built reports, automated workflows, and in-depth analytics to back you up and keep you moving.

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Employee Experience & Performance

A strong company culture depends on listening to employees and investing in their development. BambooHR offers tools to help you gather feedback, strengthen employee satisfaction, and grow your people.

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BambooHR customers save hundreds of hours and reduce HR costs by 40%

Saved $20,000 annually and 20 hours a week with BambooHR payroll.

Saved $40,000 annually and hundreds of hours with BambooHR Performance Management.

Shortened a 3 week benefits admin process into just 2 days with BambooHR Benefits Administration

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does BambooHR do?

BambooHR is the complete HR platform that brings all your employee, payroll, time, and benefit information together in one place, giving you the data accuracy, security, and coordination you need to sleep soundly.

Does BambooHR do payroll?

Yes. BambooHR has its own add-on payroll solution that allows data to flow automatically, reducing the risk of double entry and making payroll runs quick and easy. In addition to seamless data flow, payroll customers also enjoy comprehensive payroll reporting, superior customer support, and full-service tax filing. Learn more by visiting the product page on the BambooHR website.

How much does BambooHR cost?

BambooHR pricing varies depending on the number of employees at your organization and the features you select. To get a free price quote, call 1-866-387-9595 or visit our pricing page.

How many countries is BambooHR in?

BambooHR serves customers in over 150 countries.

Is your support team outsourced?

No, our support team is entirely in-house to ensure you receive the best service possible.

Is BambooHR a PEO?

BambooHR is an HR software solution, not an outsourcing provider. But while we don't provide HR staff for you, we do offer top-notch tools that help time-strapped HR professionals perform the work of many. Even a one-person HR department can use BambooHR to analyze people data, hire talent, onboard new employees, manage compensation, and help strengthen their company culture. And that's just the beginning.

Where's my data housed? How secure is BambooHR?

BambooHR customer data is hosted in the United States, Canada, or Ireland, depending on the location and needs of individual customers and applicable laws. All information is encrypted in transit, and sensitive fields are encrypted at rest. In addition, the data center located in Ireland meets all of the data requirements of the European Union, European Economic Area, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.

We use a Zero Trust model to keep your data locked down at every level, and we take multiple measures to ensure it stays that way. Here are just some of the measures we take to prevent data leaks and unauthorized data access:

  • Defense in Depth multi-level data security
  • Annual third-party SOC II security audit
  • Frequent vulnerability scans
  • SAML Support
  • Web application firewall
  • Annual penetration test

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