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Make a successful transition from tracking employee information in spreadsheets to managing it with personalized HR software that frees up time for meaningful work.

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BambooHR is like having your own fleet of Pandas to do all of the work for you.

All your employee information in one place

BambooHR consolidates all of your employee information from all of your locations into a single view. You can then access, control, sort, analyze, and take action on the data instantly-from your office, the road or home.

HR Dashboards & Reporting
Generate Reports

Now with just a few clicks, you can export data into beautiful reports-whether you use the reports we've already set up, or ones you create. They'll all be automatically stored in the report library.

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Our clients rave about how refreshingly simple and intuitive our online HR software is. How it adapts to their changing needs. And how their employees and bosses love it too. This kind of Bamboo Love happens all the time.

BambooHR's Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Our ATS is a surprisingly simple way to reach more qualified candidates and track, share and evaluate their applicant information. Plus, our ATS module works hand in hand with our online HR software.

Receive alerts

BambooHR ensures that your people won't fall through the cracks. How? By making sure you never miss another training deadline, license renewal, birthday or benefit date. Our alerts feature notify you.

Control access for different types of users

The great thing about our software is that everyone can access the data they need-but only within the permissions you control. We make it easy to create custom user groups with different levels of access.


Goodbye spreadsheets. Hello hugs.

See for yourself how BambooHR can automate those mundane HR tasks and set you free to do great work.

"BambooHR frees up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better"

-Kim Rohrer Head of People Operations / Disqus


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Caroline Moon-99designs BambooHR review

Caroline Moon

CFO | 99designs

"I love my job because I really like the people here at 99designs. Thanks to BambooHR, our small admin group has more time to connect with our teams and be proactive in building a transparent, supportive culture across our offices worldwide."

Kim Rohrer-Disqus BambooHR Review

Kim Rohrer

Head of People Operations | Disqus

"I find a lot of joy in helping people grow and become more productive through training and one-on-one sessions. BambooHR is so beautiful that everyone uses it, which frees up more time for me to follow my passion in helping people do their jobs better. And its integrations and reports are fantastic!"

Sarah Blue-Beans & Brews BambooHR Review

Sarah Blue

Vp of Operations | Beans & Brews

"I grew up in the business, starting out as a barista at age 17, so I'm passionate about creating processes that ensure a quality customer experience. Before BambooHR, I'd sometimes spend half of my day chasing paperwork and missing pieces of information. Now I have time to standardize what I've learned for our training program, so new associates can be successful."

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