How to Master Hiring Processes with Applicant Tracking Software

In today’s dynamic workforce where companies compete for talent on a global scale, slow hiring processes or inelegant hiring processes can cripple your organization. So, if you’re hampered with sorting applications or figuring out complicated software, you risk talent slipping through your fingers before you can even schedule an interview. In other words, the Applicant Tracking Software (ATS) you use can make all the difference when as you attempt to master hiring processes.

HR professionals in businesses of all sizes understand how much technology has changed the landscape of recruitment and hiring. For HR in small and mid-sized businesses, the ability to effectively and efficiently manage the process of reaching out to potential job applicants, screening responses to posted vacancies, and making hiring decisions is essential in today’s competitive business environment. And by using the right tools—such as BambooHR’s ATS—you can hire faster and hire strategically.

Hire faster

The right ATS allows you to consolidate your recruiting efforts into one location, speeding your processes so you can quickly reach top talent and move applicants through the hiring process. They do this through simplified workflows that eliminate paper and emailed resumes from the equation.

They also provide collaborative hiring. Collaborators can leave comments, rate candidates, and even move applicants through the hiring process by changing their statuses. Permissions let you control what collaborators can view, keeping information—like desired salary—private. This leads to quicker, more efficient communication internally. Using both custom and standard email templates, external communication is also improved. Using these tools, along with bulk emails and updates, you can quickly initiate and facilitate the hiring process with candidates.

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Asking custom questions, such as “What are your favorite hobbies,” allows you to learn more about a person beyond their resume to see if they’d be a good fit for your company’s culture. As you and your collaborators work through applicants, you can also rate them, which prevents from unnecessary time spent on unqualified candidates.

In addition, the right ATS tool allows you to push job postings to free job boards and social media outlets with a single click. It should also have an intuitive interface, so you don’t need to be a computer genius or have a lot of training to figure it out. And, again, if you have the right tool, there will be no duplicate entries. When you decide to hire an applicant, their information gets pulled directly into BambooHR, saving you from manually entering their data!

All of this adds up to faster hiring processes, which helps you snatch top candidates and move forward with all of your business objectives.

Hire more strategically

With the dynamics of today’s job market, it isn’t enough to move fast; you’ve got to move smart as well.

People often associate your recruiting process with what it would be like working at your company. The right ATS allows you to be quick, smooth, and organized during the hiring process, helping you build a positive employer brand. If filling out an application proves confusing, time-consuming, or difficult, candidates are more likely to give up and move along. To avoid losing candidates, the applicant experience needs to be quick and simple. The right ATS is just that.

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On the flip side, long, drawn out hiring processes affect the morale of not only your applicants but the management involved as well. Have you ever had to put a stall on hiring for a position because you just couldn’t build any headway, and then you got distracted?

Also, consider that 75 percent of your workforce will be Millennials by 2025. Speaking their language—TECHNOLOGY—by posting to social media and using intuitive software tools goes a long way with Millennials. In fact, it’s almost impossible to reach this audience without those things.

Mastering hiring processes is no easy thing. However, with the use of the right ATS, you are prepared to hire quickly and strategically. And that often makes all the difference in the world.