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    Bamboo Love: Our Favorite Customer Quotes from April 2016

    april flowers

    April was an outstanding month and, just like the flowers outside, we’re loving this spring weather! Speaking of love, here are a handful of our favorite customer quotes from April:

    “BambooHR is awesome! You feel like you are going from the Flintstones (current archaic system) to the Jetsons.”

    “I love Bamboo’s time off feature. My mom is famous for pulling out her week-at-a-glance calendar at family get-togethers and planning the next six months of our lives on the spot. With BambooHR’s mobile app, I can quickly check my balance, make sure I will have enough time later in the year for all of the potential plans, and request it on the spot right from my phone. My mom is happy, my work is happy, and most of all, I’m happy because BambooHR took the stress out of planning my vacation time. Thank you, Bamboo!”

    “I feel good that I found you guys, making me look good.”

    “We let our VP of HR log in and take BambooHR for a whirl with what we have so far, and he is loving it! His response was “My experience is similar to getting my first car. The world changes when you have transportation and you do not need mom and dad to get you around.”

    “Being able to just get our people onboarded without a ton of work or a ton of extra communication between the two of us is so freaking convenient. It’s amazing. I just love it so much.”

    “Credit to you for training and retaining such a great employee. I wish I had the same praise for some of our other vendor’s employees, but quality employees don’t always come with quality products and services. In addition to having great employees, the product is amazing. I love using BambooHR!”

    “When I started the guide and saw exactly what this feature could do I wanted to do cartwheels in my office!”

    “I am unbelievably impressed with your support team and their knowledge and responsiveness. Having led global support operations for Fortune 500 companies over the past 25 years, you can believe me when I say I know quality support and service when I see it. BambooHR support is right up there alongside the greats in the industry, without question. I know first-hand how many complaints support operations receive and also, sadly, how few compliments they receive. Please consider this my highest compliment for a job extremely well done.”

    “Thank you for your continued support, as we start getting our employees using the system we’ve had lots of questions in the last few weeks and greatly appreciate your speedy customer service as we get the small bugs worked out!”

    “You guys are a cool company, and I only work with cool companies; so kudos!”

    “When I was researching a site for our HRIS, yours was the one that impressed me the most. It is so clean looking, simple to use, and the fact that we can create reports or change fields as we need to is fabulous. I love your system, and I have been enthusiastic in my chats with other people in the HR industry and encouraged them to try you out.”

    “Thank you and by the way…thumbs up on the new enhancements.”

    “What’s not to love? The best feature is the reporting tool – being able to customize the craziest reports. Oh, and the power edit tool.”

    “We are loving Bambooing!”

    And one more bit of love. We won a couple more awards: 

    · Best Performance Management Software of 2016 – PC Magazine 

    PC Magazine went on to call us a “well-rounded, intuitive HR platform that’s easily accessible by SMB operators.”

    · Best Human Resource Software – GetApp

    Here’s what GetApp had to say about BambooHR:

    “BambooHR achieved the number one ranking this quarter thanks to its positive user reviews, its number of integrations, and its mobile apps for Android and iOS, contributing to an overall high score of 72…Being able to integrate with other software including scheduling, applicant tracking, and workforce management solutions can streamline the entire HR process, making it much easier to carry out cross-functional HR tasks.”

    We can’t wait to see what May brings for both you and us. Until then, Happy Bambooing!

    BambooHR is the #1 HR software for small and medium-sized businesses. We set you free from spreadsheets so you can do great work.

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