The Incredible Impact of Effective Onboarding [Infographic]

A lot of organizations treat recruiting and onboarding like fishing: dangle the bait, hook ‘em, reel ‘em on board, and then…well…there isn’t a ton of concern about the fish’s experience after that. Unfortunately for these organizations, by neglecting everything past the reel-in they’re also leaving behind a netful of benefits. While savvy organizations have known this for a long time, our most recent onboarding study revealed just how impactful effective onboarding can be.

Bonds With the Organization

Organizations that create an effective onboarding experience have employees who are more bonded to them in multiple ways:

Increased Confidence and Abilities

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Employees who experienced effective onboarding felt much more empowered to do their jobs:

Improved Employee Experience

Employees who receive effective onboarding also report higher levels of many employee experience elements:

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Improved Perceptions of HR and the Organization

One of the biggest surprises was how effective onboarding correlates with employees’ perceptions of both their HR teams and their organization’s performance. Employees who experienced effective onboarding were more likely to report that their HR team was highly capable and that their organization’s performance was strong.

Our latest study makes one thing clear: Organizations that care about improving employee performance and business outcomes should invest in effective onboarding. To see more results, download our full infographic. To learn more about the study or more about how to create an effective onboarding program, be sure to check out The New Definitive Guide to Onboarding.