5 Proofs That Our Paid Paid Vacation Policy Works

You probably already knew that humble people don’t say that they’re humble. But did you know that humble companies say they’re humble?

It’s true.

Watch: BambooHR is humble. See? I can say it because this inborn humility doesn’t come from people like me; it comes from the founders of BambooHR and the countless examples of humility they have set for all the employees who have followed in their wake. [Editor’s note: It definitely doesn’t come from Bryson]

This cultural humility was one of the things that initially drew me to BambooHR. So, naturally (for me, anyway), when I joined the writing team here it was all our Creative Team Manager could do to stop me from bragging about how great Bamboo’s award-winning culture is at every chance. Since then, I’ve slowly but surely been able to talk more about the things that make this place so great; it’s hard to not write about great culture best practices when a perfect example is sitting right in front of you.

One of my biggest “wins” was when I got permission to write about our Paid Paid Vacation policy last June. Since we posted that blog, we’ve received a fair share of publicity for the policy from various media sources, including a feature on The Today Show. We even highlight Paid Paid Vacations on a regular basis now on social media.

Almost a year later, I decided to revisit the Paid Paid Vacation policy template and write about why I love it so much (as my recent 10-year wedding anniversary trip to England reminded me), and why I think it exemplifies Bamboo’s culture. But before I wrote anything, I wanted to double-check that my fellow Bambooligans are as head over heels for the policy as I am. So, I sent out an internal survey to get others’ general thoughts on the policy and asked questions like “How has the benefit influenced you?” After only a few minutes of going through the survey results, I realized I needed to step aside on this one and let my coworkers do the talking.

Take, for example, this reply:

“When I think about my Paid Paid Vacation words lose their voice, things around me crumble into figments, and life loses its meaning.” – Nick Bluth

Well, that’s a bit melodramatic, but the sentiment was common. Let’s check another reply:

“The Paid Paid Vacation policy gives me the tinglies and the jinglies.” – Matt Heder

Hmmm, that one was weird. Let’s try one more:

“This is the most beneficial and impactful employee benefit I’ve ever had, and I would choose this over an annual bonus 10 times out of 10.” – Stephen Stoker

There we go! That was a good reflection of the feedback I got. So, without further adieu, here are my lovely coworkers validating the five reasons we claimed last year that we offer Paid Paid Vacation (and maybe you should too!):

1. Better Work-Life Balance.

Even though we don’t like to use this term anymore (“work-life balance”), Bamboo values its employees’ lives outside of the office, and most employees feel this value is proven through Paid Paid Vacation.

“It allows me to enjoy my time in the office so that when I am out of it, I don’t have to think about anything else but enjoying my time with my family.” – Brian Menasco

“It has allowed me to take the time I need to breathe, focus wholeheartedly on my family, and disconnect from the pressures of the work life and returned rejuvenated and happy again!” – Sarah Malmstrom

“It’s such a relief knowing that I can save up my PTO and then actually use the time to get a break and do something new and exciting, without having to worry about money.” – Liz Ogles

“Our first Paid Paid Vacation came after a very difficult time in our family, and while laying on a beach at sunrise, we looked at each other and knew we were all going to be ok!” – Tara Martell

“I left my last company with 20+ days of unused vacation. BambooHR puts its money where its mouth is and actually facilitates taking time off.” – Ivan Hurtt

“It has allowed me to strengthen my marriage, to devote time to my children, and to spoil and “give back” to my parents, but also to treat myself!” – Katie Carvajal

“It gives me the opportunity to show my family how much they mean to me.” – Lorenzo DiRegolo

“We are always tight on money, so a vacation like this wouldn’t have even been an option. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities!” – Nicole Smith

“I haven’t had an extended vacation in twelve years, and now I can.” – Brian Anderson

2. Better Engagement and Loyalty.

Many employees consider Paid Paid Vacation an amazing gift, and they think it’s worth repaying with their loyalty and best work.

“I can stand behind an organization who truly cares about its employees enough to be methodical about where it allocates its benefits resources.” – Thomas de Oliveira

“Knowing that Bamboo cares enough about my quality of life outside the office to actually subsidize it makes me feel more engaged and passionate about the work I do when I’m in the office.” – Rob de Luca

“I work harder to accomplish my tasks beforehand and hit the ground running when I return because I am refreshed and ready to go.” – Nathan Marshall

“It shows me how committed our founders are to us, and makes me even more committed to Bamboo.” – Robert Binetti

“I’m proud to be at a place that cares enough about their employees to send them on trips they would never have taken without the benefit.” – Brenton Williamson

“My prior employers would attach too much guilt to taking a lot of time off at once and/or ask me to still work while traveling. Knowing we’ll be able (and encouraged!) to take real vacations yearly is incredible! I don’t remember every single bonus or raise I’ve ever received, but my family and I will remember every family vacation BambooHR has been able to provide the resources for.” – Becky Talpas

“I really appreciate the chance to have this benefit, so it’s important to me to prove myself every day and work hard to show that I contribute to the company in a way that makes the Paid Paid Vacation beneficial on both ends.” – Mallory Denison

“I always come back from these vacations recharged, with an immense gratitude for BambooHR that makes me want to give 110% back to the company.” – Jake Budge

3. Increased Productivity.

Bambooligans come back from Paid Paid Vacations recharged, refocused, and re-ady to do great work. [Editor’s note: Wow, sorry about that whole “re-ady” thing]

“It makes me work harder knowing I have a lot of opportunities each year to re-charge and take time off.” – Jordan Wade

“Coming back from a Paid Paid Vacation allows me to value my work a ton . . . take a step back, come back feeling refreshed, and make a better impact than I would have otherwise.” – Amanda Schroeder

“I literally just got back from my Paid Paid Vacation this week, and the benefit never ceases to amaze me. I feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to work hard. Additionally, it was extremely helpful for me to take a step back to help me prioritize what is most important for me to be working on.” – Cody Brunson

“It’s allowed me to plan fun and memorable vacations with my family that recharge my energy and zest for work every year. Without the benefit, I may have just used PTO for family reunions or obligatory scout camps which don’t have the same impact on recharging my energy for work.” – Dave Barnes

“I’m able to reset and recalibrate and come back to work with gusto and vigor in me.” – T.C. de Hoyos

“Time away, fully unplugged from work, is so critical to stay healthy and creative. I would not be able to solve the complex problems I face day-to-day without [it].” – Tyler Margetts

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4. Recruiting Asset.

A whopping 73 percent of the employees surveyed who knew about the Paid Paid Vacation policy say it factored it into their decision to join the company!

“It’s was great when we were featured in the news. I had a lot of people reach out to me about the company, and they all thought it was very cool.” – Loren Langford

“It communicates perfectly what BambooHR values about its employees.” – John LeSueur

“My wife was really excited for me to be hired on with such a great company, plus add in a Paid Paid Vacation and she’s ecstatic. Making her happy makes me happy.” – Kyle Moore

“I love seeing prospective team members’ eyes light up when they realize if the join BambooHR they can take some sweet vacations that they normally wouldn’t do.” – Jeremy Bowers

“When I was applying and interviewing for different jobs, I told my family that I really wanted to find a place that valued me and where I didn’t feel easily replaceable. I tend to accomplish a greater quality and quantity of work when I feel I am valued, and I definitely feel that here, even though I am only in an entry-level position. The Paid Paid Vacation proves that BambooHR practices what they preach.” – Amber Terry

“It makes me excited to tell people I work for Bamboo, and it’s nice to be excited about where you work.” – Megan Nielsen

“Everyone I tell about my Paid Paid Vacation benefit gets extremely jealous of my job and tries to sabotage it.” – Audrey Jones [Editor’s note: We checked, and she was being facetious about the whole “sabotage” thing]

5. Improved Well-Being.

Employees often come back from Paid Paid Vacations happier, more cultured, and more rounded than they were before. In short, they come back changed . . . in a good way.

“It’s great to get out of my bubble and explore other cultures, and bring fresh ideas back to the workplace.” – Drew Dooley

“It’s motivated my wife and me to explore new countries and see new cultures. I came from a company where people were scared to take too much time off, so it’s incredibly refreshing to be in an environment where upper management encourages travel and time off to recharge one’s batteries.” – Jordan Wade

“My husband and I now feel that some of our dream vacations are not just a “dream” anymore.” – Larissa Coleman

“At my last job, I would be scrutinized for taking an afternoon off to attend a friend’s wedding. Here I can take a big vacation each year and celebrate it with my co-workers.” – Rob Towne

“It’s very inspirational to hear about everyone’s exotic trips and destinations at work, and it’s also great to share in those experiences and look forward to them.” – Brandon Perazzo

“We can consider trips to parts of the world that we otherwise wouldn’t have considered because of the cost. It brings R&R to a whole new level.” – Dave Barnes

“It has allowed me to go from virtually never taking vacations at other companies to being able to take bucket list trips at least once a year.” – Jeffrey Noxon

“I think that the Paid Paid Vacation truly demonstrates the company’s commitment to my happiness and continued mental health.” – Andrew Syme

“I know it sounds cheesy, but having the Paid Paid Vacation was a life changer for me. Even if the Paid Paid Vacation were no longer available, from now on, I will take my family on a vacation every year because of how much it has done in strengthening us and bringing us closer as a family.” – Cody Brunson

Employees sing praises of “Paid Paid Vacation”