What do we do?

Content Marketing

As part of our mission to set people free to do great work, we create ebooks, whitepapers, blogs, and other offers dedicated to helping HR professionals succeed. We do our best to make them more entertaining than the industry standard, so don’t be surprised if you see a LOTR-themed ebook or a whitepaper that’s a little colorful.

Customer Success

Our customers show us a lot of love, and we do everything we can to return the favor. With the customer success team, we figure out what will help our customers get the most out of BambooHR. Then we create Hints and Tips videos, newsletters, webinars, and other resources to help our customers become HR heroes.

Bamboo Branding

One of our favorite responsibilities is making sure our voice is candid, conversational, confident, caring, and playful. We want people who meet us to feel like they’re working with a friend. And not just any friend. A really fun friend who knows a thing or two about HR, is always happy to help, and who just might be an adorable panda.

Internal Fun

We’re passionate about creating a great place to work. Sometimes we get to dream up fun, beautiful, and often wacky creations that contribute to that goal. From internal videos to team t-shirts and value posters to party invitations, we love making things our coworkers will enjoy.