Do people like working at Bamboo?

We’ll let you be the judge. Check out our Glassdoor profile to see what real-life Bambooligans say about working here. (Or, take a peek at our awards page to see some of our workplace awards.)

What’s the culture like?

Check out our company values and great environment to find out!

What are the benefits and who is eligible for them?

All full-time employees qualify, and you can read more about them here.

How do you decide compensation?

We do market analysis and carefully grade every position. We believe we have a responsibility to compensate employees fairly and believe that compensation goes beyond paycheck to include things like benefits and quality of life.

How can I get Bamboo’s attention?

Make sure your resume illustrates that you have the skills listed in the job description. That’s it. No need to ship a resume with return receipt requested or call us 100 times (which has actually happened). That kind of tenacity is a little much for us.

What will happen after I apply?

Don’t worry! Your resume isn’t entering a black hole. First, you’ll receive a standard “thanks for applying” email to let you know we received your application. Then, after we review it (we really do review each one carefully), we’ll reach out to let you know the specific process for the position you applied for.

Is the don’t-dress-up thing a test?

Nope. Bambooligans don’t wear ties or heels to work, so we don’t think you should have to either. Of course, you’re welcome to if you genuinely want to. But you might feel overdressed.

What’s the corporate ladder like at Bamboo, and how can I climb it?

We don’t think you need a ladder to be a leader. Instead, we believe you should “lead from where you are” and “grow from good to great.” (Check out the rest of our values.) Of course, we’ll be there to help you meet career goals and grow.

Why do you use video interviews?

We hear from a lot of potential Bambooligans, and we like to get to know them on a level deeper than their resume. So, for some of our positions, we use video interviews. We know: it can feel a little uncomfortable. But trust us, and check out this video for a few tips.