HR Automation

Share the load

Love doing everything yourself? Of course not. Custom workflows make it easy to delegate approvals and data entry. You’ll save time, approvals will happen more quickly, and data will be more accurate since you can require the primary source to fill it out (hopefully employees know their address and emergency contact info better than you do).

  • Protect data

    Worried about other people getting all up in your data? We get it. Custom workflows eliminates errors and data falsification through approval steps; you can require up to five different people to approve changes in data. No need to worry about dishonest changes, and no running around the office for required signatures.

  • Track progress of approvals

    Every workplace has that one guy. That signature black hole who is always holding up approvals. Well, now you can track approvals to see exactly where (or who) the holdup is. Requesters and admins can simply check the custom workflows progress bar to see exactly who has or hasn’t approved.

  • Make decisions quickly

    Employees waiting forever for pay or title changes? That’s a recipe for turnover. Instead, create an organized and consistent process to make decisions efficiently and effectively. With just a couple clicks, management can approve (or deny) any requests, eliminating bottlenecks and keeping business moving forward.