Meet Andre Mehan and Erin Howard

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

BambooHR is HR for HR. They listen, help assist, and make our day-to-day lives easier, just like we do for our employees.”

— Erin Howard

The Results

Whether it’s streamlining benefits administration and reporting or making every day more efficient, Cabinet Peaks Medical has the right tools for the job.

IMPROVED REPORTING TO LEADERSHIP: “With BambooHR, our leadership understands how we’re trying to improve. We’re able to break down pain points by department and work to address them,” says Andre.

REDUCED TIME TO FILL OUT FORMS BY 50%: Prior to BambooHR, filling out 1095 forms took two weeks with two people working on it. With BambooHR Benefits Administration, the process takes half the time. And BambooHR simplified I-9s, too, generating everyone’s form with all the demographic information pre-populated.

EASIER BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION: Benefits administration doesn’t just happen during open enrollment. “When someone has a life status change, they already know the process. I just create a new window, and they go in and make their changes. It's done in less than five minutes,” says Erin.

INCREASED PRODUCTIVITY BY 30 HOURS PER WEEK: At the beginning of 2023, the HR department at Cabinet Peaks was short-staffed, and yet, “even with the manpower we lost, I’ve still been able to keep myself afloat, and that was a 30-hour-a-week position,” says Erin.

The Challenge

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center relied on paper files and filing cabinets, and these manual processes needed to evolve to keep up with leadership and employee needs.

LACK OF A CENTRALIZED DATABASE: As a healthcare organization, Cabinet Peaks gets audited on a yearly basis. With manual systems and employees who have been with the company for over 30 years, just finding information on a day-to-day basis was difficult, so gathering information for those in-depth audits was nearly impossible.

LIMITED VISIBILITY INTO HR PROCESSES: Manual processes made it difficult for Andre to report on HR metrics or answer HR-related questions, even for things that seemed simple, like how long a job posting had been open or how many applications it received.

ERROR-PRONE BENEFITS ADMINISTRATION PROCESS: “Open Enrollment was lots and lots of paper that we would then have to translate into Excel spreadsheets,” Erin Howard, HR Generalist at Cabinet Peaks, explains. “[And] the more data entry you manually do, the more potential exists for human error.”

The Solution

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center needed to graduate from filing cabinets and put everything in a centralized system. Since adopting BambooHR in 2020, Andre and Erin have transitioned out of manual processes and transformed their HR department into a strategic powerhouse.

“HR was known as the party planners and paper pushers, but BambooHR has freed us up to have conversations about employee engagement, employee relations, and start thinking strategically,” says Andre.

Erin and Andre have taken advantage of new product rollouts in BambooHR, adding Benefits Administration in 2023. “Prior to BambooHR, the benefits enrollment process was full of paperwork,” Erin explains. Now, she can easily keep track of everything during enrollment. “Whether it's setting up the benefit plans, going through somebody's elections and making the necessary modifications or corrections, adding in those last-minute details, it's very simple and easy,” says Erin.

About Cabinet Peaks Medical Center

Cabinet Peaks Medical Center is a 25-bed critical access hospital with services and technology that go far beyond what you would expect from a facility its size. Its services bridge the gap, bringing sophisticated healthcare services to the Libby community.




Libby, Montana

Number of Employees

300-500 employees


Benefits Administration, Employee Database

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