Meet Basudha Bhattarai-Johansson

VP of HR and Sustainability at Probi

BambooHR changed the way HR delivers value to the business. We can now collaborate with other departments and be secure in metrics like headcount, pay rate, and PTO accrual.”

–Basudha Bhattarai-Johansson

The Results

Instead of manually processing payroll, having one, easy-to-use system saves Basudha Bhattarai-Johansson, VP of HR and Sustainability at Probi, over 40 hours every month, which directly translates to cost savings in payroll processing and HR management.

FAST, SIMPLE IMPLEMENTATION: With the help of Basudha’s implementation project manager, Probi went live with BambooHR in just four weeks! And with Time Tracking and Payroll live in the U.S. and Performance Management in place company-wide, Basudha was ready to hit the ground running.

IMPROVED PERFORMANCE MANAGEMENT: Prior to BambooHR, performance management was chaos. BambooHR enabled Probi to deploy a global process with standardized questions and timelines that, “enabled us to adopt a global process and give our employees clarity in terms of what is expected out of their performance reviews,” says Basudha

MORE ACCURATE PAYROLL: Hourly Probi workers found time tracking to be a valuable and positive tool, as evidenced by their 100% employee participation. Employees could more easily and accurately track time, meaning they could feel more confident their paycheck was accurate, too.

The Challenge

Manual HR processes were keeping Probi’s HR in the dark ages. Before they adopted BambooHR in 2020, Probi didn’t have a human resources information system (HRIS) and were relying on spreadsheets and payroll software to store their employee data. Their dispersed data system was hindering them from properly tracking time, PTO, and headcount.

STRICT GDPR COMPLIANCE REQUIREMENTS: Headquartered in Sweden, Probi needed to follow strict compliance requirements under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements, which ruled out many HR software providers.

OLD-FASHIONED, UNRELIABLE TIME SYSTEM: Probi is a biotech manufacturer that employs factory workers who clock in and out each shift. But the company was using an antiquated clock in and out system that was a poor method for accurately tracking employee hours.

UNEVEN PERFORMANCE REVIEWS: As Probi lacked a formalized performance management process, not all managers chose to give reviews. This made related processes like compensation discussions difficult to conduct in a fair and equitable manner.

The Solution

Basudha Bhattarai-Johansson was hired as VP of HR and Sustainability at Probi in 2020. Her first goal was finding an HRIS that could help her run the HR department. “Adopting an HRIS was one of the critical elements I knew I needed to be successful,” shares Badudha.

Of the over forty HR platforms she evaluated, she chose BambooHR because “of all the systems I looked at, BambooHR made it easy to track time and pay our hourly workers in the US and do everything we needed at our HQ in Sweden. Adding Time Tracking and Performance Management to BambooHR gives us one, integrated system,” says Basudha.

Implementing BambooHR also helped Basudha uncover gaps in employee information. “Through implementing BambooHR, I was able to integrate our US acquisition and get all our company email addresses updated. This enabled us to put them in BambooHR, and take an accurate headcount.” And once the info was updated, company-wide communication also got a whole lot easier.

BambooHR was an easy, complete solution for Basudha. “BambooHR just fit every need we had. It’s an agile, cloud-based solution that fits with GDPR data privacy regulations and the setup was easy.”

About Probi

Founded in 1991, Probi® is a global company focused on researching, manufacturing, and delivering probiotics for supplements and functional food. They are experts at managing stable, live bacteria from research and development and through every stage of the manufacturing process.




Sweden (HQ), United States, and Singapore

Number of Employees



Payroll, Time Tracking, Performance Management

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