Meet Sara Magnuson

Human Resources Coordinator & Executive Assistant to the Business Office at Williston Northampton School

BambooHR has the whole package. It incorporates payroll, time off, benefits, reviews, and hiring. I love the ease of use and that it’s all inclusive.”

— Sara Magnuson

By the Numbers

  • Consolidated more than 5 systems into 1
  • Generate reports in under 5 minutes
  • Increased employee self-service capabilities

The Challenge

A Wide Variety of Employment Types to Manage: “We have about 225 employees. We deal with almost every type of employment. We have teaching faculty who only work from September to June, seasonal coaches, hourly academic and music tutors, nurses and security staff who are shift workers, and more. There’s a wide range.”

Non-User-Friendly Interfaces: “We have a payroll system that’s also trying to be an HRIS, but the functionality of it is just not great to interface with. They're fine for processing our payroll, but we started using their applicant tracking and additional modules, which are third-party systems. The support has been inconsistent, and the interface has been difficult for many users.”

Information Stored in Spreadsheets: “Our benefit information, health insurance plans, and other data has been kept in spreadsheets or printed hard copies. Our HR team decided we needed a new software package to address our needs.”

Employees Frustrated with Previous Software: “Employees often complain about having to go into several different places to do things. You get your pay stub in one place, but then you do your review in another, etc. There's less engagement from employees when they have to go to multiple places to get information.”

The Solution

A Software So Nice, She Used It Twice: “I'm a big BambooHR fan and advocate. I helped select and implement BambooHR at my previous job. When I came to Williston, I was like, ‘Guess what we need to do? We need BambooHR.’ I think it's a really beneficial software!”

Consolidated Software Saves Time and Money: “We're switching to payroll in BambooHR and getting rid of our previous software completely. Consolidating systems will help us save money. BambooHR took three or four different systems and smashed 'em into one.”

Everything Employees Need in One Place: “BambooHR allows employees to access more self-service features, get information, and be proactive. Everything about being an employee at Williston is all now located in one place, BambooHR.

Fast Reporting: “Right after we started using BambooHR, the Head of School came in and asked for the average and median number of years our teaching faculty have worked here. With just a few clicks in BambooHR, I had his answers.

About Williston Northampton School

The Williston Northampton School is a coeducational boarding and day school for over 500 students in seventh grade through post-graduate year. The 125-acre campus offers a challenging learning environment with a rich academic curriculum, leadership opportunities, and a full range of extra-curricular activities in the arts and athletics. Williston's mission is to provide a diverse and culturally rich educational experience that prepares students for college and beyond.




Easthampton, Massachusetts

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Reporting, Employee Database, Employee Self-Service

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