Sign Documents Electronically

Increased efficiency

No more dealing with temperamental printers, searching for lost forms, or running to the post office to overnight paperwork. With electronic signatures, you can get forms to your people in seconds and track their progress until completion by running a report to determine which documents are signed and which are still pending. And since all data is backed up on our servers, you’ll never lose them.

  • Positive Employer Brand

    When employees sign documents electronically, it builds your employer brand by making you more “green” and technologically atune. It also aligns your company with environmentally-conscious and/or tech-savvy employees.

  • Save money

    Using electronic document signatures saves money on paper, ink, and equipment. If you have multiple office locations, you’ll save on postage. And you can auction off those filing cabinets, which should add a nice little bonus and save you precious rental space.

  • Security & Compliance

    We protect signed paperwork with enterprise-level encryption, best practice security controls, constant vulnerability evaluations, and regular server backups—all of which exceed the security of an old filing cabinet. To stay compliant, employees can always view signed documentation—which is legitimized with a seal and document ID—and receive emailed copies.