Onboarding New Employees

Better Preparation

The new hire packet helps you exchange vital information with new hires. They’ll feel prepared since they’ll get all the instructions they need for their first day, and you’ll receive their basic information and signed paperwork before they come in (thanks to electronic signatures).

  • Employee Introductions

    Make introductions using the Get to Know You email. Simply decide which questions to ask (favorite vacation spot, hobbies, etc.) and which employees should get the responses (if not all). When employees get introduced during their first day, they’ll start making instant personal connections and friendships.

  • Team Introductions

    New hires are introduced to their new team through an organizational chart—which includes pictures, names, and even LinkedIn profiles—as part of their new hire packet. When they come in on their first day, everything will feel familiar, which should help them feel at home.

  • Strategic Focus

    Employee onboarding software helps you get to impactful, strategic activities like outlining expectations, introducing company culture, building connections, and (of course) working. When your new hire heads home after their first day, they’ll be excited to contribute rather than exhausted from all the paperwork.