Electronic Signatures

Let’s put an end to the paper jam.


Save time, money, and trees.

Collecting paper forms can feel like herding cats. One always goes missing, and by the time you have them all organized, they need updating. BambooHR® electronic signature software makes the whole process digital, so gathering signatures is fast, organized, environmentally conscious, and painless for everyone involved. You’ll save time by automating signature requests, save money by ditching filing cabinets, and save trees by simply leaving them alone.

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"I'm not trying to track down people, rather it's all 'here you go' and with a click of a button I can see 'so and so hasn't signed something', let me follow up."

Missy Curran | Compliance Manager | Asphalt Engineering

This is what efficiency looks like.

No more dealing with printer issues, searching for lost forms, or running to the post office to overnight important paperwork. With electronic signatures, you can get forms to your people in seconds and track their progress until completion.

Make a positive impression on new hires.

We’re in a competitive hiring market. And while many candidates may not be actively searching for environmentally and technologically savvy employers, outdated practices and inefficient hiring methods are guaranteed to stick out like sore thumbs. As you look for ways to build your employer brand, keep in mind that e-signature software offers a win-win: a guaranteed boost in efficiency along with living proof that your organization is current and conscious.

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Save money by ditching the filing cabinet.

While it might not seem that expensive at face value, the cost of paper, ink, printers, postage, and other resources adds up quickly. On top of the time and space you spend storing and organizing paper files, e-signature software saves you money in office supplies as well. So, going digital doesn’t just make it easier to create, distribute, collect, and keep your important files—it also means saying goodbye to a big chunk of your supply costs.

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Sleep easier with fewer compliance worries.

E-signatures aren’t a silver bullet, but with all the other compliance-related tasks on your plate, it’s nice not having to wonder about stray unsigned forms floating around the office. Signed document reports determine which documents are complete and which are still pending, so you can prevent compliance bottlenecks and keep processes like onboarding and benefits registration moving along.

Digital signature notifications keep everything on track.

It’s easy for managers, employees, executives, and even fellow admins to forget a signature request—after all, nobody’s perfect. But in order to keep everything running smoothly, you need documents signed and returned in a timely manner. That’s why every time anyone logs in to BambooHR to view their time-off balance, benefits info, or the employee directory, they’ll also get a friendly reminder at the top of their screen if they have outstanding forms to sign—no need for shoulder-tapping.


Because we have a lot of people who work remotely, the ability to send files electronically for signature has been huge.

Michele Frayler | DecisivEdge

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