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BambooHR is designed to help organizations find, evaluate, hire and onboard the right talent as seamlessly and quickly as possible, all while enabling a personal touch and creating great first impressions along the way.

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Modern recruiting tools help you find and hire the right talent fast.

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Set your people up for success from the start.

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"Without BambooHR, we wouldn't be in a position to handle spikes of recruiting or thinking too far ahead. Having a central record to ensure data integrity, as well as to automate and help us manage onboarding, has allowed us to provide a seamless experience in one of our biggest hiring years.”

Jane Jaxon | VP of People Operations | Wistia

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Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Case Study

See how the BambooHR ATS helped The Centre for Family Medicine rapidly staff emergency COVID-19 vaccination clinics to meet the needs of their community.

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The Definitive Guide to Onboarding

The Definitive Guide to Onboarding

Everything you need to know to onboard like a pro.

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