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Generate instant HR reports so you can make more strategic, proactive decisions.

Goodbye guesswork, hello data-driven decisions.

Our reporting software makes it easy to generate instant, detailed reports on almost any data in BambooHR® with just a few clicks. From workforce planning to approval tracking, HR reporting gives you confidence to move forward and data to back up your decisions. When you’re able to analyze HR data instead of just compiling it, you can be proactive instead of reactive and turn your HR department into the strategic resource it was meant to be.

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"The reporting [feature] is one of the strongest ways that we’ve changed our relationship with management and the way that people think about HR."

Aaron Wheeler | HR Consultant | Wistia Inc.

Instant, detailed HR reports, right at your fingertips.

Another day, another surprise executive meeting—and they love to see the numbers. Good thing BambooHR makes reporting incredibly fast and easy! With analytics integrated into practically every feature of BambooHR—including benchmarking your turnover against other companies, getting benefits summaries, employee information, and more—you can make strategic, impactful decisions and generate beautiful HR reports in a matter of seconds… just in time for that last-minute presentation.

Dynamic dashboards keep valuable insights top-of-mind.

Give your data-wranglers and decision-makers something to cheer about: powerful insights right on their dashboards. With dynamic, personalized dashboards for admins, executives, managers, and employees, each user can arrange targeted insights widgets on their homepage according to their preferences. That means your recruiters can focus on time-to-hire data, while your managers might focus on employees who have gone the longest without a pay raise, and HR and executives can easily keep tabs on every facet of the company’s growth. Never lose sight of the data you and your leadership need to make strategic, impactful decisions.

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Save yourself time and money.

Without analytics software, HR professionals spend an estimated average of 17 hours per week creating reports. That’s a lot of valuable time going to waste—but we can help you win it back. With BambooHR, it only takes a few minutes to generate insightful, easy-to-read reports for workforce planning, PTO usage, employee turnover, and more, whenever you need them. What’s more, the reports you use most are automatically saved in your Home dashboard for easy access—saving you even more time. The only question is, how are you going to spend your 17 hours?

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Create HR reports that fit your needs.

BambooHR Essentials includes a library of useful reports built into the software, from headcount and EEO-1 reports to approval processes and workforce metrics. But with the Advantage package, you can go beyond the basics, creating your own templates and generating custom reports for any information you have in the system—including custom fields. This means you can take a deeper dive into your HR data and make data-driven decisions tailored for your organization.

Give the right data to the right people.

Doing things the old way, you’d pull a report with all the information, then create a second version with just what the CEO requested. And a third version showing only what managers need to see. Then a fourth, for supervisors. And maybe a fifth . . .

With BambooHR, you can deliver one report to all three—or as many people as you like—while keeping sensitive information protected with custom viewing permissions. Together, we’ll save you time while making human resources your organization’s new MVP.

Track electronic signatures without leaving your desk.

Even if you had time, you’d have better things to do than chase down signatures. That’s why we built reports into our e-signature software that make it easy to monitor documents as they move through the approval workflow. You can identify and eliminate bottlenecks by determining which forms have been signed and which are still pending. You can quickly follow up with managers or employees who may have forgotten to sign their forms, and you’ll feel confident that all the necessary paperwork is in the works.

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It's freeing me up to do more of the stuff that actually matters in HR.

Aaron Wheeler | Wistia

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