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BambooHR® Hiring is modern, mobile recruiting.

"I love being able to pull up BambooHR Hiring when I'm out and about and need to look at something hiring-related. It’s awesome to be able to interact with candidates as easily as I can with my employees!"

Jared Means | HR Manager | F.H. Furr Plumbing, Heating, Air Conditioning & Electrical

Review candidates the instant they apply.

When the average qualified candidate is off the market in just 10 days, moving candidates through your review process quickly is critical. It also tells applicants a lot about how your organization works as a whole. With BambooHR Hiring, you’re able to review resumes, cover letters, and answers to application questions the instant candidates apply, all from your phone.

Most Popular HR App for 2021: #2

Most Popular HR App for 2021: #2

Market Leader Winter 2022-Applicant Tracking Software

Market Leader Winter 2022-Applicant Tracking Software

Say farewell to filing cabinets.

Try secure, accurate data storage with a free seven-day trial of BambooHR.

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Remove hiring bottlenecks.

Internal hang-ups and delays are one of the most frustrating aspects of hiring—especially for recruiters who know top candidates won’t wait around for a late reply. With BambooHR Hiring, you can coordinate with hiring team members from anywhere, which makes it a snap to sort through applicants and keep the best ones breezing through each phase of your hiring process.

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Speed up the recruiting process—and wow new hires—with an award-winning applicant tracking system and intuitive onboarding.

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Fine-tune your offers to improve acceptance rates and strategically grow your business.


Make getting documents signed fast, organized, environmentally conscious, and painless for everyone involved.