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Take a permanent vacation from tracking PTO.


Time off the BambooHR® way: easy and accurate.

Using our employee vacation tracking software is simple and intuitive by design. When an employee makes a PTO request, their manager gets instant alerts via email, mobile, and their BambooHR inbox. Checking for calendar conflicts takes a few seconds and approving the request is even faster. The system notifies the employee and updates their balance automatically, so work can continue with minimal interruption.

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"Prior to BambooHR we used email and paper to track PTO. The double, sometimes triple, handling of requests was beyond frustrating. Employees now request off and receive their managers approval (or denial) within minutes."

TJ Zawodniak, HR Manager | Huntington Steel & Supply

Put down the calculator.

“How much time off do I have?” If you had a dollar for every time you’ve heard that question...well, you’d be set up for retirement. With BambooHR’s time-off calculator, employees can check their current PTO balance and any upcoming time off they’ve scheduled right on their phones. They can even use the mobile app to see how much vacation they will have accrued by a future date, which means fewer questions for managers and HR and easier planning for employees and their families.

Customize to your heart’s content.

One PTO policy does not fit all organizations, which is why BambooHR allows as many policies to be created on your account as you need. You can set up an unlimited PTO policy for a single team, change accruals by location or department, introduce pawternity leave companywide, or even create individual policies for every employee if you want.

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It’s like a crystal ball for PTO tracking.

Manual vacation tracking brings a whole bag of monkey wrenches to throw into your workflow, but an accidental gap in coverage might be the biggest and heaviest. That’s where our Who’s Out Calendar can help. It lets you see at a glance who’s scheduled time off today, tomorrow, or anytime in the future, making it easier for managers and HR to maintain adequate staffing or approve holiday time-off requests and easier for you to schedule all-hands events and compliance training.

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Put strategic reporting at your fingertips.

If you’re tracking PTO in spreadsheets, putting together an accurate time-off report may sound like a fantasy. But with BambooHR, you can generate several different reports with just a few clicks. We give you the power to dive deeper into employee PTO and look for trends that may not seem so obvious until you look at the data, helping you be a more strategic partner to your organization.

Approval workflows keep you moving forward.

Need to keep everyone in the loop? No problem. You can add up to five people to the approval workflow for every PTO policy, ensuring no request goes unseen or unanswered. Once an employee submits a request, managers can approve it instantly with the push of a button. They can even add a note of encouragement (“Have a great vacation, Sue!”) or an explanation in case the request was denied or needs adjustment.

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