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Bring your payroll and employee enrollment together in BambooHR.

No double entry. No headaches.

BambooHR allows you to track hours worked, record time-off, manage benefits, and run payroll all from a single platform. No more data double-entry and manual approval processes—just easy, accurate paydays for you and your employees.

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Run payroll faster and more easily than ever before (and with a lot less stress).

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Benefits Administration

Make it simple for employees to enroll in benefits and review their elections in one place.

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Time Tracking

Track time and run payroll without wasting time jumping between systems.

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Time Off

Streamline time-off requests and approvals via desktop and mobile.

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Streamline Your Compensation Processes

Bring all the pieces together in a single HRIS for flawlessly accurate paydays.

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“Every Tuesday I was tracking down information, having to beg managers to approve time, manually entering [data], adding up was a complete and utter headache. BambooHR easily saves three to four hours per week.”

Amy Boston | Employee Success Manager | Lionheart Critical Power Specialists

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Easy, Accurate Payroll

BambooHR removes delays and takes the stress out of running payroll by offering a single source of data, comprehensive payroll reporting, superior customer support, and full-service tax filing.

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