“Comparing how much time I spent doing payroll before to how much time I spend now, we’ve saved over $20,000 over a year by switching to BambooHR. I feel spoiled now. It’s saved me almost 20 hours each week of my time.”

Rachel Schau | Chief of Staff | Rockford Silk Screen Process


Easily set up and manage how you pay your employees right on the employee record, creating more transparency for them, and more flexibility for you.

Time Tracking

Pay your employees based on specific jobs, locations, projects, and much more. Create unlimited projects, break them into subtasks, then watch as the hours flow effortlessly into payroll.


Run payroll with confidence, knowing your employees are being compensated accurately for the work they do.


Understand how hours are broken down by employee, project, task, location, and shift, and capture it all with easy-to-pull reporting.

Pay Your People and Track Your Costs by...


Track your payroll costs for employees who perform different tasks throughout the day, like cashiering, restocking inventory, and assisting customers.


Set up different pay rates based on location, from onsite roles in your office, warehouse, or sales floor, to different job sites throughout your state or across the country.


For employees who fulfill multiple roles throughout the week, each at a different pay scale. Assign each job an hourly rate, and BambooHR will automatically calculate the correct pay.


Agencies, contractors, and service providers—rejoice! It’s easy to track time and record payroll costs for multiple clients, projects, and even individual tasks within a project or client relationship.

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