Fill your job openings with the best candidates.

BambooHR® ATS helps you keep track of all your talent acquisition details, helping you direct applicants to a great job match.

With BambooHR, the hiring process is clear and timely at every step:

  • Post to major job boards with just a few clicks.
  • Review candidates and share feedback with your team.
  • Hire from anywhere with the mobile hiring app.
  • Build offer letters with customizable templates.
  • Assess your hiring process with reports and analytics.

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Recruit the best people and create a fantastic hiring experience.

BambooHR keeps applicant information organized, allowing you to focus on finding the right talent and providing an exceptional candidate experience. Our seamless hiring process ensures timely communication, leaving applicants feeling acknowledged and informed from application to offer letter.

"In less than six months, they've revolutionized our hiring, benefits management, PTO tracking, onboarding and offboarding, performance management, compliance, and a bunch of other stuff that's too dull to mention, but way too necessary to overlook."

Paul Tucker, General Manager | Integrity IT Solutions

Post open positions on job boards with just a few clicks.

Get your job ads where people are looking. Post to Indeed, Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and ZipRecruiter, and share open roles on social sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Review candidates and hire as a team.

Collaborating on hiring is a cinch with BambooHR.

  • Custom permissions allow you to gather input from team members at any stage.
  • Automatic alerts and in-system messaging keep communication flowing smoothly.
  • Centralized candidate data instantly syncs across desktop and mobile devices, so everyone involved is always on the same page.

BambooHR® Hiring: Our ATS app for iOS and Android

Recruiting doesn’t stick to a nine-to-five schedule, and opportunities don’t wait until you’re at your desk. But thanks to the Hiring mobile app, your hiring team can post jobs on the go and review applications the instant they’re submitted.

  • View resumes on your mobile device.
  • See candidates’ application responses.
  • Provide ratings and feedback from anywhere.

Send offer letters on time, every time.

When you find the perfect candidate, sending an offer can’t happen fast enough. BambooHR makes it as fast as humanly possible—faster, actually.

  • Customizable templates auto-populate candidate information for different positions, job types, and requirements.
  • E-signatures make accepting an offer as simple as sending an email.

Recruiting software that enhances your hiring process.

Improving your hiring process is challenging without knowing where the issues lie. Reports and analytics in BambooHR show your time-to-hire and help you identify bottlenecks and spot inconsistencies.

An awesome hiring process deserves awesome onboarding.

The hiring process doesn’t stop at the offer letter. BambooHR makes it easy to go from hiring to onboarding without missing a beat.

  • The customizable new-hire packet tells employees what to expect.
  • The Get to Know You questionnaire introduces new hires to their team.
  • Key onboarding tasks can be automatically assigned, so everyone is ready on day one.

We’re better informed during the hiring process than most organizations because of BambooHR. It enables us to make higher-quality hiring decisions.

Dylan Hackley | Gupta Media