BambooHR® Time Tracking

Employee time tracking made easy.

  • Track time according to specific projects, tasks, clients, and multiple pay rates.
  • Log and edit hours via web or on the go with our Mobile app.
  • Approve time in just one click.
  • Automate reminders for schedule updates and approvals.
  • Take advantage of built-in overtime calculations and in-depth reporting.

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Stay on top of employee time tracking and increase efficiency.

BambooHR simplifies logging, editing, and approving hours into just a few clicks. And our time and attendance software keeps everyone up to date with automatic reminders and insightful reporting. So you can save time on correcting forgotten entries or inaccurate payroll.

"As a one-person HR department, the automation of BambooHR® Time Tracking has reduced my time spent on time tracking by more than 75%. It’s saved managers and employees more than 30%. We’re now tracking overtime in real time!"

Jessica Neal, HR Manager | American Cedar & Millwork

Know exactly where your time and resources are going.

Use project tracking for employees to clock their time and edit hours to specific categories like projects, clients, locations, or tasks.

Approve timesheets in one click.

Review timecards and send approval with a single click. Monitor attendance with no waiting or double entry needed.

Clock in on the go!

Track time whenever and wherever your workforce needs to. With the BambooHR® mobile app, employees can enter, check, and edit hours the same way they can on the web.

And managers can take advantage of app-exclusive geolocation to ensure accurate hours tracking.

Automate time and attendance management.

Get automatic reminders to help everyone update their schedules or approve timesheets on time, every time.

Create insightful reports to analyze your resource distribution.

Compile hours tracking per pay period with the Payroll Hours Report. Get all the data you need from one easy system to streamline your time management.

Simplify overtime tracking and reduce compliance risk.

Run payroll quickly and accurately, every time. With automatic, built-in calculations—like overtime for all 50 U.S. states and territories—you can be confident in your numbers.

Every Tuesday, I was tracking down information, having to beg managers to approve time, manually entering [data], adding up was a complete and utter headache. BambooHR easily saves three to four hours per week.

Amy Boston, Employee Success Manager | Lionheart Critical Power Specialists